A new day for my soul

Supper-Front Cover-MediumAh, my God, you are my light. There is darkness in this world and people try to use more darkness to drive it out, but only your light can do that. Lord, you are my love. Satan, the destroyer, hates while laughing.  He wants to get others to hate so he can destroy them.  Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can. People say it is too hard to love and sometimes this is true. Satan convinces people to take the easy way out. It takes courage to light a light, expose the darkness, then love it away. You are my courage. It takes sacrifice to convince hatred to go away. You were my sacrifice. You still are. Every day you shine your light on me. Every day you walk beside me as a body guard for my body and soul, always looking this way and that. You are so hard to grasp sometimes, but there is such joy in the effort. Make me more like you.

A new day you have given me, Lord. A day of starting over. A day of second chances. Darkness is gone and dawn is here. Now I think of your sacred family on the other side of the world. Their day is over and they are now sleeping as I am awakening. And so it goes. Your family never sleeps. Some part is always awake guarding over the rest of us and over their part of the world. The world is never without the guardian prayers of your family. Thank you for day and night ~ times to work, times to rest. And thank you for dying and overcoming death for me ~ a new day for my soul.


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You dote on me

Silver Cover-KINDLE-thumbnailI revere you, my God. You created such a beautiful garden to be the cradle for mankind when you first made us.  Everywhere around me, when I see darkness, I remember that is the soil you use to bring me flowers to fill my senses.  When I cower from thunder and lightning, I remember out of those you bring me showers of blessings and rainbows and bubbling brooks. When I grow tired, I remember how you use it to slow me down to rest in your everlasting arms. You dote on me, guide me, and never stop thinking of me. You are everywhere I go. You are in the air I breathe, the warmth I feel, the sense that perhaps you are touching me. You are gloriously everywhere because you are greater than all things. And I worship you.

Father, I know I need to get out more to find seekers. I second guess people and decide I would be wasting my time going to see them.  Help me leave that up to you and just keep trying.

Ah, my God, how can I thank you for sending a part of yourself ~ your Words ~ to enter a human body, be our perfect example, then allow yourself to be tortured and killed in my place.  You laid down on the altar of the world and sacrificed yourself for all of us who who you made and who reject you each time we sin. I cannot grasp it all. There are worlds unseen with spiritual battles going on I am not aware of.  But, what I do know, is that you did everything necessary to save me from that ghastly trinity ~ Sin, Satan, and Death. And now my soul rests in you.  I bow before you in sacred gratitude.


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0000-BK 1-StarSong-Cover-new-MediumAh, Lord God, there are a lot of people who praise angels. They paint beautiful pictures of angels watching over us, make beautiful statues of glorious looking angels, and sing songs about angels. “Angels are walking among us!” they proudly announce. What?  What about you? You ~ the Emperor of the Universe ~ are walking with us every day. You have since our birth. What about you? You are the Creator, the Maker of the angels. What about you? You materialized and died in our place for our sins. No angel ever did any of that. Glorify angels?  Never. May I forever glorify you, and, though I cannot imagine what you look like, I will have a picture of you in my heart.

Help me, Lord, not burn out. Forgive me when I give up on finding souls to bring to you.

Thank you for the beautiful warm day. Summer is over and I am harvesting my garden now. Days are cool, nights even cooler. I should go outside and take a nap in the warm sun today. Thank you for your beautiful scenery painted by you.  The sun is up, I can hear the autumn crickets and a few birds. The flowers are full, the farmers are reaping, the markets are filling with fresh produce for sale What a glorious earth you prepared for us before we were “born”. Good morning, my Lord. And thank you for it all.


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