Tranquility & Serenity

My God, you are so much greater than I. I am only a spec of almost invisible 01-Adam&Eve-KindleThumbnaildust compared with you who occupy the universe and beyond. I look at pictures of galaxies and am in awe of you., not only because of your magnitude, but that you know the names of every one of the trillions of stars, and you know me by name. Ah, Lord God, even as large as you are, you remain only a breath away from me. Even with a whisper and a sigh from me you hear and recognize me. You are life and you are the sunshine of my day. I worship you.

It is getting close to December and there are already dark snow clouds and blustery winds on some days. But today is sunny. I went out and walked around in a heavy coat, feeling the cool breeze turning my cheeks red, and watching the geese overhead flying to warmer a climate. The instincts in animals are just another reminder of your existence. Who put those instincts in animals? Who put consciences in humans? Who made the planets rotate around the sun, bringing predictable seasons? You are the God of order, stability, and harmony. You are the God of uniformity, tranquility and all that is serene. Thank you for all that you are.  I long to be with you in your heaven where it is forever spring.


01-Adam&Eve-KindleThumbnailA CHILD’S BIBLE HEROES:  ADAM AND EVE.  Yes, heroes in many ways.  Considering the age of Adam when Seth was born, his parents were probably able to stay sinless for some hundred years. How amazing!  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:

Changeable, Enchanting and Delightful

0-Cover-MediumMy Lord, you think of everything ~ four seasons and different climates for a serendipity off change. Trees without their leaves show me their shear strength ~ tall and bold, standing strong after storms, holding snow on their shoulders, even when it turns to ice.  Reaching toward a gray sky from a stark earth, undaunted, sometimes for centuries. The trees I see out my window were seen by people before the invention of automobiles and airplanes and pre-prepared food and washing machines.  Standing sentry. Standing strong with a heart to live yet longer. Lord, you are that way and more. Even when you seem stark to some people, you are strong and have a heart to live forever. I praise you for all you are.

It is mid-November. We had a big rain yesterday, and suddenly there are no leaves on the trees. Before the rain they had leaves. So now they are going to sleep as the trees rest a while. I thank you for periods of rest. And for color indoors from paint and dye and the food harvested last month. And the warmth of the indoors to keep me until summer blossoms returns. How interesting and exciting you made our enchanting, delightful, changeable world. Thank you.


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My crowning glory

00-PAUL COVER-Thumbnail-How I adore you, God of Glory. You are so majestic, yet you love me. I am just one of billions, yet you know my name and hear my every thought. How astonishing.  It is as though I knew every grain of sand in and around the ocean ~ which, of course, is impossible for humans. You told Abraham his descendants would be as numerous as the sands of the sea or stars of the heaven. It would take trillions of years to cross the universe. One of the Psalms says you know every star by name. It cannot be done. But you do it without a second thought just like you do it for all humans who have ever lived. You are too wonderful to fathom. My cup overflows.

Father, I must keep circulating and searching for seekers. But sometimes I feel so tired. It’s so hard and no one encourages me to do this. Forgive me. I have lived a long time. When will my race be over?

I keep thanking you for your Bible. I can’t help it. I don’t have to guess what you are thinking or doing. You have actually shared everything with me. You didn’t have to.  You are God!  I’m just a small speck of your creation. But you made humans like me the apex of your creation, your crowning glory. In deep gratitude, I crown you my King of Glory.


00-PAUL COVER-Thumbnail-PAUL: THE UNSTOPPABLE begins life robust and healthy, loving sports and excelling in many of them. But, when he becomes a Christian, rather than convert to the religion of each province, he lets them beat and slash and starve that body until, at the end, he is bent over from it all, his back one solid scar tissue, and bones either broken or brittle.  Why does he do it?  He lives for Jesus so he can live with Jesus ~ forever.  Give that up?  Never.  Though the state religions tried to break him with torture, he would only cry  out, “Jesus!  This is for you!.”  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this: