Poem ~ Gentle Time

Sun Rays on Road-green


When God created all things good,
Something special He understood
We would need for pain to languish,
Softening life’s chance loss or anguish.

With tender heart and word sublime,
He spoke into existence Time.

One moment’s word or deed is done;
An irrevocable web is spun.
Tossed about while tragedy batters,
A delicate life breaks and shatters.

But Time can mend the life that’s broken
With patient remedies softly spoken.

Stabbing pain invades the flesh
Till thoughts and agonies enmesh.
No strength to bear; it’s past enduring.
Oh for relief that comes with curing.

Time brings tranquility’s soothing ray.
Fair Hope disarms what passes away

Death robs a life ~ it cares not how.
Yes, bitterly we all must bow
As precious ones are snatched from sight.
Goodbye? Relent, oppressive plight!

Time whispers then, “I conquer all!
Be reunited when trumpets call.”

Some day our God will vanquish fears.
There’ll be no death, no pain, no tears.
He’ll change His children ~ all mortals we ~
To peaceful immortality.

With nothing left save the sublime,
He’ll then dissolve what we call Time.


Tell me what you think, friend.

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