Book 8: Come Fly With Me

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Chap. 1 ~Ten Apostles:  Whispering Hope

Chap. 2 ~ Thomas:  Flag Ship Forever

Chap. 3 ~Seven Apostles:  Grasping Glory

Chap. 4 ~ Eleven Apostles I:  Magnificent Soaring

Chap. 5 ~ The Five Hundred:  Power Surge

Chap. 6 ~ Brother James:  Thunder Struck

Chap. 7 ~ Eleven Apostles II:  Son Rise

Chap. 8 ~Ruling Sadducees:  Prayers & Palaces

Chap. 9 ~ Lebbeus Thaddeus:  Quest to the Great Beyond

Chap. 10 ~ Sinners & Saints:  Come Unto Me

His apostles refused to believe, while Thomas declared him God.
Jesus dared and prepared his apostles to conquer the world.
He interrupted his own memorial service
And renewed five hundred of his closest friendships.
He helped his brother, James, over the last faith hurdle,
Turned the movement over to his apostles,
Then returned at last to the outstretched arms of his heavenly Father.
Religious leaders fought in vain to put out the new church’s torch,
And Jesus invited the last apostle to visit him in heaven.


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