Book 5: Flood Gates

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Jesus survived death threats, calmed misdirected power,
and talked with the spirit world.
He released people of handicaps, gave an adulteress hope, rested with friends, then raised the dead. 

And the hypocrite religious leaders finalized plans to kill him.



  • Chap. 1 ~ Deaf, Mute, Blind:  Out of the Mist Mightily
  • Chap. 2 ~ Moses & Elijah:  Eye of the Storm
  • Chap. 3 ~ James & John:  Thunder Road
  • Chap. 4 ~ The Seventy-Two:  Shallow Road
  • Chap. 5 ~ Supreme Council & Adulteress: The Unmasking
  • Chap. 6 ~ Blind Man:  Mission Impossible
  • Chap. 7 ~ Parents of Blind Man:  Flying Blind
  • Chap. 8 ~Martha:  Chasing Rainbows
  • Chap. 9 ~ Lazarus: Portals of Paradise
  • Chap. 10 ~ Chief Priests: True Colors

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* * * * *  Jesus is King
on February 22, 2017
Love how the stories come together. Makes Jesus’ life come alive. Great reading. I recommend these books to everyone who loves the Bible and most of all loves Jesus.
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