Inspirations By Katheryn

Book 2: Dream Maker ~ Adult’s & Child’s Versions

0-BK 2-DreamMaker-cover-kindle-medium-newChap. 1 ~ The Revolutionaries: Weapons of Dust

Chap. 2 ~ John the Baptist: Hesitant Herald

Chap. 3 ~ Satan: The Great Pretender

Chap. 4 ~ Andrew & Philip: Odyssey of Truth.  

Chap. 5 ~ Nathaniel: God Eyes.  Nathaniel was naive.

Chap. 6 ~ Merchants, Bankers & Widow: Treasures of Doom.  The Temple merchants lived off religion.

Chap. 7 ~ Nicodemus: Firelight.  Nicodemus tried to reform religion.

Chap. 8 ~ Samaritan Woman: The Untouchable.  The pagan searched with hope.

Chap. 9 ~ Royal Official & Centurion: Power House. One probed with fortitude, the other encountered with power.

Chap. 10 ~ Peter’s Mother-in-Law: Hand of God. She dwelled in her religion.

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