A Calm Anger?

Was Jesus God-COVER-kindle-thumbnailThe scripture for today, April 4 (4/4), is Psalm 4:4 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

“In your anger do not sin.”

You’ve gotta be kidding!  That’s impossible! When you get angry, it’s time to lash out at everyone. And yell and call them names. And show some temper. Maybe even throw a few things. After all, that’s the only way to get across to the other person that you are really angry.

Hold on. If, for instance, you told your child not to do something for their own safety but your child did it anyway, of course, you would become angry. Why? Your child put himself in danger because of his action.

You can choose to lash out at your child wildly so that your emotions mask your words. Or you can choose to talk calmly and explain the dangers your child was put in because of that action. Maybe punishment is in order. You can calmly but firmly tell them what their punishment is. You can calmly punish your child without losing your temper.

It is the same way with adults. If you lose your temper and shoot daggers with your eyes and rant and rave, all your actions distract people from your words. Aren’t your words of explanation more important than the emotionalism and yelling? If you were hurt, just say so. If they hurt themselves, just say so.

And with other adults, tell them how you feel, not how they feel; you don’t really know. Tell them what you want, not what they want; you don’t really know.

While we’re at it, not all words help. Name-calling does not help. Name-calling is done when you choose not to explain how you feel. Name-calling such as, “You’re irresponsible,” locks the other person in and sets them up for future failures between you and them. Losing your temper during anger gets you off the issue and into sin.

If I’m angry because it rained, I do not lash out at the rain. I calmly deal with it and go on with my life.

Next time you are angry at a person, try to remain calm and then explain the problem in tones they can truly listen to and learn from. If you have trouble doing this, practice when you’re alone. It will come to you in the right way. It will teach you to remain calm when you’re angry.

Anger is not the same thing as sin. What you do with it can be. Choose a calm anger.  Thereby, you will have a peace that passes understanding.


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Prayer for Wednesday

Silver Cover-KINDLE-thumbnailI praise you, Jehovah God, for placing me here so I can be a spiritual warrior with you as you fight Satan. Make me strong so, no matter what Satan does to me, I can make him get tired of trying and he backs down. You make me strong. May I never forget that. You are all power, all might, all potency. You invade the world of Satan and his angels and challenge everything they do. When Satan kills, you bring back to life. When Satan hates, you love. When Satan makes people run from you, you go after them and bring them back. There is nothing Satan does that you cannot undo. He is the destroyer and accuser. You are the Creator and forgiver. He is the hater of our souls, you are the lover. Great and magnificent is your very name. I cannot help but worship you.

Lord, sometimes I become too self-absorbed. Sometimes I go an entire day just thinking about myself ~ my wants, my needs, my desires, my dreams. Forgive my selfish thoughts. Stop me and make me reach out to others who wonder if anyone cares what happens to them. Help me be more like you.

Thank you for your Bible. It overflows with examples in the Old Testament and poignant teachings in the New Testament. It has everything I need. And, oh Jesus, you became one of us. You emptied yourself of your glory in order to become the ransoming sacrifice Satan wanted. But, how you fooled him. You died like he wanted, you paid the ransom like he wanted, then you tricked him and came back to life. You came back!  And alive! You were the first one and cleared the path for the rest of us ~ the weak ones ~ to come back to life after we die! What a God!


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Prayer for Friday 3/6

00-Front Cover-New-BK 1-KINDLE-THUMBNAILAh, my Lord God, you are so patient. How can you be? If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be God. You wouldn’t be Love and Life. You keep loving amidst hatred. You keep recreating amidst death. You bring laughter where there are tears, tenderness where there is roughness, sun where there are shadows.  Your love penetrates my confused soul and gives me tranquility. Almighty God, how great and magnificent you are ~ more than I can fathom. With glimmering faith, I bow to you and my heart worships you.

Thank you for your patience. I sin and sin and after a while you have to punish.  Yet it breaks your heart. I race toward self-destruction and you keep stopping me. But it doesn’t stop me for long. How you ache for me when I fall for Satan’s glowing lies. I do not deserve such love. Thank you for not turning away from me when I turn away from you. Thank you for running after me and bringing me back over and over. Thank you for never giving up on me and always offering me your divine clemency.  After every storm, you always bring me a rainbow.


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Prayer for Saturday 2/15

01-Adam&Eve-KindleThumbnailWhat a powerful God you are. You speak and your words roar through the universe. You sing and your song echoes from star to star. You whisper and the wind swirls and makes the clouds bump lazily into each other. You sigh and I feel your Spirit within my soul.  Mighty and gentle. Tough and tender. Everywhere at once and nestled in my heart.

Thank you, my Adonai, for cold, nippy mornings with the wind pounding on my cheeks, icy paths challenging my balance, and cabin fever when I stay indoors too much. And for rush-hour traffic and horns that honk and declare their presence on the road. Thank you for restless children and empty cupboards and flat tires. Thank you for a world that is not perfect so I can watch you work within it all to bring blessings and peace and wonder.


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Prayer for Wednesday 2/5

00-PAUL COVER-Thumbnail-I praise you all mighty God. Oh, how you have spoiled me. You placed diamonds in mountain-top snow, rubies in the flowers, emeralds in the meadows, and delight in the birds that daily sing to me. As I climb the mountain of my life I think back of all the enormous opportunities I had as a youth. As I grow older and climb higher, my choices are narrowing and I am glad. My focus is more and more on you. Someday I will reach the mountain top, and you will be there. You will smile and say, “Welcome home.”

Ah, thank you, my Lord, for all you have done for us through the history of mankind. I, along with everyone else, travel a wilderness, often not making good choices. The frustrations you must feel when I don’t pay attention to you but they do not stop you from loving me. You have been too patient. But you also give me your Word map in my wilderness to show me just where I am. And give me work to do in order to make sense of life. Thank you for entrusting me with that work. I will do the best I know how. I know you smile and reply, “That’s all I ask: Do your very best.” I will always thank you for this.


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00-PAUL COVER-Thumbnail-PAUL: THE UNSTOPPABLE tells of a stubborn, strong-willed, out-of-control man who charged right into the middle of the unbreakable and broke it.  Over and over, Paul was beaten for teaching the gospel, then got up and did it again.  He faced angry pagan and Jewish priests trying to protect their power and income. Why?  An unstoppable love.  He could never do enough to make up for torturing and killing Christians in his youth.  Each time he was whiplashed, he called out, “Jesus!  This is for you!”  This is biblical historical novel #2 in the INTREPID MEN OF GOD series.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….    https://amzn.to/36UhPag


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