A Calm Anger?

Was Jesus God-COVER-kindle-thumbnailThe scripture for today, April 4 (4/4), is Psalm 4:4 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

“In your anger do not sin.”

You’ve gotta be kidding!  That’s impossible! When you get angry, it’s time to lash out at everyone. And yell and call them names. And show some temper. Maybe even throw a few things. After all, that’s the only way to get across to the other person that you are really angry.

Hold on. If, for instance, you told your child not to do something for their own safety but your child did it anyway, of course, you would become angry. Why? Your child put himself in danger because of his action.

You can choose to lash out at your child wildly so that your emotions mask your words. Or you can choose to talk calmly and explain the dangers your child was put in because of that action. Maybe punishment is in order. You can calmly but firmly tell them what their punishment is. You can calmly punish your child without losing your temper.

It is the same way with adults. If you lose your temper and shoot daggers with your eyes and rant and rave, all your actions distract people from your words. Aren’t your words of explanation more important than the emotionalism and yelling? If you were hurt, just say so. If they hurt themselves, just say so.

And with other adults, tell them how you feel, not how they feel; you don’t really know. Tell them what you want, not what they want; you don’t really know.

While we’re at it, not all words help. Name-calling does not help. Name-calling is done when you choose not to explain how you feel. Name-calling such as, “You’re irresponsible,” locks the other person in and sets them up for future failures between you and them. Losing your temper during anger gets you off the issue and into sin.

If I’m angry because it rained, I do not lash out at the rain. I calmly deal with it and go on with my life.

Next time you are angry at a person, try to remain calm and then explain the problem in tones they can truly listen to and learn from. If you have trouble doing this, practice when you’re alone. It will come to you in the right way. It will teach you to remain calm when you’re angry.

Anger is not the same thing as sin. What you do with it can be. Choose a calm anger.  Thereby, you will have a peace that passes understanding.


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Prayer for Saturday 3/28

03-HeartsAfire-Child'sCartoonCover-ThumbnailMy God, if I had a voice that was strong enough, I would declare your glory to the stars. If I had feet that were robust enough, I would climb the tallest mountain and raise a banner of love for the world to see.  If I had arms that were long enough, I would embrace the world with your magnitude. Give me eyes that see you in everything. Give me ears that hear you in all things. Though the world rebels against you, not wanting anyone to tell them what to do, I will defend you and reveal the part of you they do not understand ~ that you, their Maker, loves them so much you will spend their life running after them. They are falling into the mire and do not know it. They are obeying Satan and do not realize it. Waken them, Lord, with your magnificence and envelop them with love that goes deep into their souls and will not let them go. Give them new eyes to see you, new ears to hear you, a new heart that loves you back.

Ah, thank you, my Lord. Thank you for opportunities to suffer for you. Your Word says the righteous will always be persecuted. Take me down paths where I know persecution will travel toward me. May I never “play it safe”. Open up doors where Satan thinks he rules so I may have the privilege of proving him weak and wrong. Lord, you made me your bride. How blessed is that! Oh, the depths of the relationship you want with me. Thank you, my Lord, my God, the reason for my being. I worship you.


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Prayer for Saturday 3/21

00-Hero Alone-COVER-KINDLE-ThumbnailGod of heaven and earth, you are far above anything and anyone else.  You are our Creator.  You are perfection. I am so far below you in all things. But you are the lover of my soul, my protector, my comforter, my betrothed. Thank you. You deserve all earth’s praise and honor and glory.  All heaven praises you and my soul, enveloped in the ethereal, adores you.

Lord, I have been neglecting the lost. Why do I do that? Help me be alone with them and ask them about their relationship with God. Instead, I surround myself by my Christian friends. I need them, but the lost need me more. Forgive me when I become too comfortable. Oh, Lord, give me souls or else I die.

Thank you, God of my heart and soul, for loving me so. You stopped at nothing to save me from hell, despite my rebellious ego that does sinful things you say will hurt me.  You are so good, and though I offend you every day, you keep coming back and loving me all the more. No human is able to forgive as often as you do ~ hundreds of times just in one year and sometimes in one month. How can I truly thank you? I fall at your feet unworthy and worship you.


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Prayer for Friday 3/20

Applied ChristianityHow long must I wait to see you as you are and live with you throughout eternity?  I magnify you, Jehovah, in my heart, my soul, my mind. You are my life and breath. You are my light and love. You are my salvation when Satan tries to grab hold of me. You are my existence when Satan tries to annihilate me. I will cling to you instead of life, and you will give it back in exalted glory because it is you who granted it in the first place. Oh, how I long to see you with whatever kind of eyes I need. Oh, how I long to be able to bow at your feet. Oh, how I long to sing to you, to climb mountains of magnificence with you, to drink the water of life with you. Each moment I worship you.

I am full of selfishness, Lord. I do not take enough time to inquire how others are really feeling and doing deep inside. I am so ashamed. The world does not revolve around me. Forgive me, please.

My Lord, I thank you for all you did to ransom mankind from Satan when he took my soul the moment I first sinned. The ransom was steep. The ransom was so great, I could not pay it, nor could anyone else. You materialized and paid the ransom for us.  You are Love and had to ransom us from Satan. I will stand by your side and tell others what you did to bring salvation from Satan!  Thank you for preparing a better place for me and paying for my admittance with your blood.


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Prayer for Thursday 3/12

0000-BK 1-StarSong-Cover-new-ThumbnailAll my praises to you, God of Glory. You advocate everything good. You rage against everything bad. You are the Mighty God who will not tolerate evil and all that is Satan. Yet you force no one to choose you.  You hold back with unfathomable patience, not willing to force on us what is good for us. What restraint. That form of love struggles with my comprehension.  Sometimes I want to shake people and say, “Stop! There is danger ahead. Stop! You’re headed for hell!  Stop! Don’t you hear Satan laughing at you? Look up! Don’t you see?  God is calling you to his safety! Look up!” Oh, for everyone to see you as you are.

Ah, Lord. Sometimes I am too stubborn. Yes, if people agree with what I am standing for, they call me loyal. But if they do not, they call me obstinate.  Help me know the difference. Help me see the fine line between the two. And when I’m being stubborn about the wrong thing, help me know to let go.

Thank you, Jesus, Words of the Father Mind, for emptying yourself and coming into our world. I do not know why you put us in a material world when you are spiritual. What I do know is that this is Satan’s realm. I trust your wisdom and declare to you I will fight Satan in his territory. In my weakness, I thank you for the chance to be stalwart and stand up for you until Satan is conquered. Thank you for making me one of your warriors of fire-ignited faith. Thank you for your faith in me to stand and be strong. You are my strength.


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