Through the long-haul

09-Jonah-KindleMediumAh, how I adore you, Jehovah God. You are so good. You have stood by mankind through the long haul. You did not make us and then forget us. You have, for so long, been patient. So long. Never giving up. Always here. Always forgiving and blessing, forgiving and blessing like waves on a seashore.  When I turn from you, you always bring me back.  How can you love us despite how rebellious we can be against you?  You are like a lighthouse shining your light in the dark storms of my life, trying to help me find my way to safety. Holy Father, Light of the World, I fall at your feet unworthy of such love. In tears of both shame and gladness I worship you.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for making it possible for my sins to be erased. Thank you for forgiving so many secret sins ~ sins in my heart that no one else knows about. My sins of attitude are so many. I am weak in my sinfulness but you are strong in your forgiveness. I can never thank you enough for staying with me as I struggle through life.  You are my rock foundation and my fortress of faith.


09-Jonah-KindleThumbnailA CHILD’S BIBLE HEROES: JONAH.  Jonah was a good prophet, but needed a lesson in humility and forgiveness.  True, Nineveh, the capital of Assyria, was so cruel, captured enemies were tortured.  But not now.  The new king was only 14 years old.  His heart was still good.  He wanted to restore honor to his kingdom. Blame this young king for what his ancestors had done?  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:


Teasing and Tantalizing

10-Daniel-KindleMediumI praise and laud you, my God, for you perform great things for me, greater than I realize. You are always doing something to help me that I do not know about. You are concerned about me in ways beyond my comprehension. You say the war is not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers in spiritual places ~ Satan’s angels, Satan’s demons, Satan himself. What have you defended me against? What have you sent your angels to intercede for me over? I may never know, but this I do know: You will always protect me from forces too strong for me and will never make me face anything I cannot handle. My mind staggers to comprehend it all, and so I worship you.

Thank you, Jesus, that you gave me eyes that can see.  I have a friend who has never been able to see.  I cannot describe color to that person because they have no idea what I am talking about. I long to share the delight of color, but it is not possible. That is what you go through in trying to describe our life in your world, heaven, isn’t it? I shall try but realize you have wonderful surprises awaiting me when I arrive.  Thank you for teasing and  tantalizing me with promises of delights I cannot begin to imagine.


10-Daniel-KindleThumnailA CHILD’S BIBLE HEROES: DANIEL includes ten stories about how this amazing men got along with every king who reigned during his long life.   THINK & DO at the end of every chapter.  Large print and syllable dividers for long words aid the early reader. Can be understood by three-year-olds. To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this………

One step closer. Or am I?

Golden Cover-KINDLE-thumbnailEach day, Oh Lord, I am one step closer to you. One step, one hour, one heartbeat closer to my eternal home with you. Closer to the gate that swings wide for me. Closer to the golden street of purity and the crystal sea of divinity.  Closer to that home you are preparing for me and to your great white throne. Closer to the Tree of Eternal Life, the River of Life. One step closer to seeing you face to face, to singing my praises to you, to worshiping at your feet. At last I will lay down the cross I have been bearing, and enter sweet rest with my Maker, my Protector, my God.

Ah, thank you, Lord Jesus, for all you gave up to save me from Satan. You entered a human body so you could overcome sin and then overcome death. You performed miracles so no one would doubt who you were.  You fulfilled prophecies about you made centuries earlier so no one would doubt who you were. Most people hated you. You were too good for them and they knew it.  They taunted you, mocked you, spit on you, slapped you, pulled out hairs from your beard, beat you, scourged you, and tortured you to death. You went through it willingly in order to free me ~ and them ~ from Satan’s clutches. People today are still lashing out at you. They are still trying to kill you.  They do not realize you have already conquered the world. They do not realize you reign supreme now and then. Open their eyes, Lord.


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