My prayer for Tuesday

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You are the God of my heart, my life, my soul.  I long to be with you someday. I have praised you in the past, I praise you now, I will praise you in the future and as long as forever lasts. You are the originator of all things and all movement. You set the stars in motion and they have never stopped their movement for all these thousands of years. You are the First Cause of all that is good and right. You have made me in your image so I can have a sense of goodness and right ~ a sense of conscience ~ in my thinking and behavior.  I stand in awe of you.

Thank you, Lord, for interruptions in my life. Sometimes people have to get loud and make me stop what I am doing so I will pay attention to them. I get so absorbed in what I am doing day to day, I forget the rest of the world other than a casual hello or goodbye. Keep doing it, Lord.  Keep sending people to my door to my phone to my email intent on interrupting me. Thank you for sudden changes. They certainly do make life interesting, and you, God, are always interesting. Thank you.

My prayer for Saturday

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I adore you, Lord God. You have been so good for so long always working to save us from hell. So many do not believe they are bound for hell so insult you by never reading your love letter to the world ~ your Bible ~ and never praying unless they need something. Sill, amidst all this, you keep trying to save the world. You want everyone to be your child. You are bigger than the universe that you made, but it is tiny humans that capture your heart. You run after us every which way calling, “Come back! You’re headed for danger! I can protect you!” Ah, my Lord God, how you love us. I love you too, Lord. I wish I could love as much as you do. In my frail way, I worship you.

My vegetable garden has been harvested and I have cleared out all that was left behind. And I brought in more fertilizer to give my little seeds a head start next spring. Thank you for allowing me to create with you. I love watching the little green sprigs force their way to the surface and peak at the sun. I often feel like I am forcing my way up through the darkness of this world and trying to take a peak of heaven. Someday it will happen and the experience will be beautiful.

My prayer for Thursday

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I praise and adore you, God. You are perfect and are willing to see me as perfect even when I am not. I try to be like you but fail in some way every day. You love me in my imperfection. Your love wins over Satan’s hatred. Your forgiveness wins over Satan’s accusations.  Your mercy wins over Satan’s judgments. I often wonder how you can do it ~ always be forgiving me. Sometimes I am embarrassed to, once again, ask for your forgiveness.  Yet, you are delighted to forgive. You are the God of second chances. And third. And scores. And hundreds. Such patience and love I cannot even begin to comprehend. So, I worship you.

It will be Sunday again soon.  Oh, how I will sing out my praises to you!  They will soar to the clouds and beyond, echo from star to star, and surround your throne. My song will not be harmonious and lovely or lyrical, but it will be my song and it will be for the God I love. Accept my praise, my song, the offering of my lips.

My prayer for Wednesday

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Lord God of hosts, you sing with the stars and dance with comets. When you weep, the oceans fill, deep and sad.  You step down to the moon, then onto the meadows of earth.  When you laugh, the mountains shake with gaiety and laugh with you. At the end of the day, you ride the sun back to your home and sit on your throne, contented to have walked with your children once again for a little while.

God, I thank you for slowing down due to occasional physical problems. I have some new equipment so I can make some things with it while I rest. But mostly I thank you for heaven. This is not my home. Just as my heart bowed at the foot of your cross those years ago, I long to be at the foot of your throne so I can bow to you there. I will weep tears of happiness and I will sing the song of victory in Jesus.

My prayer for Tuesday

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Almighty and majestic God of my heart and soul. You are so astonishing. You made all I can see and more.  You even left the spark of life in things so I could re-create with you. You left so much unmade to delight my imagination. You provided all I needed and more. How I love my garden. You did everything just right and I, your child, magnify you in my doings and makings and creatings.

My Lord, thank you that people I know are treating the “underdogs” better and accepting them more warmly. And thank you for the people in the newspaper, most going through difficulties and even tragedies, and who could use encouragement. I need to buy some notepaper and envelopes and some stamps. It only takes a moment to jot down a note of encouragement and a prayer for them. Satan will not win. When I am down, I will let others help me. When others are down, I will want to help them. Together, we will march on Satan, the Destroyer, and win. Thank you for trusting in me to represent you on earth.

My prayer for Monday

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I look up to you, God of heaven and earth and of my life. You are always good and right and never change what right is. You are always just but tempered with mercy. Your judgment is perfect. Your actions and movements among mankind are right.  I can always depend on that.  That is why you are God. I claim you as mine, and you make me your child. I worship you above all things.

For heaven, my Home, I thank you. Ah, I can hardly wait to get there. You have prepared a place for me and I will see loved ones gone long ago. And Adam and Abraham and Jeremiah and Joseph and John. We will certainly be busy, won’t we? What a heavenly choir we will be as we join together at your throne and make our songs resonate around your glorious throne. What a grand day it will be. Thank you for the promise of heaven in the morning.

My prayer for Sunday

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Oh, God, you are water in a desert, calm in a storm, a sheltering wing in fear. You are warmth in the snow, light in the dark, a breeze in the heat. You are a song in loneliness, strong breath in sickness, and the lover of my soul. You made me in your likeness, and though I am imperfect in my weak efforts to be like you, I will always praise you and draw closer to you than I was before.

Thank you for souls you have led to me. Thank you for giving me the heart to share your love with them and knowledge of how to have a better life here and eternal life with you. Ah, I am always so elated when they decide to come to you and spend the rest of their life as Christians. Send me more, Father. Send me more so we can work together to help them escape temptations and be safe in your everlasting arms.