Prayer for Saturday 1/11

0-BK 6-PromiseKeeper-Cover-thumbnail-new-kindleMy Elohim, my Creator.  You are the First Cause who brought the world into existence. Without you, nothing would exist, whether physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional. You are the mover of the world. You are the life of the world, and the lover of my soul. Ah, to be with you and behold you on your throne. You are my light, my heart, my song. You are in the whispers of the wind, the rumblings of the waters, the sighs of a baby.

Thank you, mighty God, for all my blessings. Even if I were without warmth, I would declare my thank you for the glow in my heart. Even if I were without food, I would say thank you for the sweet taste of a loved-one’s kiss. Even if I were without health, I would whisper thank you for the sweet songs of those brave winter birds singing outside my window.


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0-BK 6-PromiseKeeper-Cover-thumbnail-new-kindlePROMISE KEEPER is lyrical novel six in the series THEY MET JESUS.  It is unique in that the reader takes part in the story by urging the characters to do or not do something.  It is in present tense as though YOU ARE THERE.  Each chapter is about one of 100 people Jesus met and struggled with. Life-Application questions and scriptures cited are at the end of each chapter.  At the end of each book are READINGS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS.  Take a look at this UNIQUE series on the life of Christ.  To BUY NOWclick a book cover or paste this………


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Prayer for Tuesday 1/7

0-BK 2-DreamMaker-cover-kindle-new-thumbnailI praise you, Lord God, for your great goodness.  You continually fight Satan for me in that unseen world. You intercede when I am too weak, but make me fight when I doubt both myself and you. I am never weak when you are near. I cannot see you, but oh how I know when you are at my side. I know when you are stepping between me and danger. I know when you are lifting me up and making me strong. Then my heart soars. I look up to you, am awed by you, and worship you.

Thank you, Lord God, for giving me your Words.  In them, you pour out your heart to me. When I read them, I weep with you, I laugh with you, I feel triumphant with you.  I read of all your own ups and downs as you call out to mankind, “Follow me.  I can lead you to safety. Follow me!”  And all the while, mankind replies with, “Why?  I’m fine doing what I am doing.  Falling?  I’m not falling. It’s all just a game.”  You created me for a purpose.  I will know what that ultimate purpose is when I am fully with you. But, until then, when people insult, I will forgive. When people gossip, I will forgive. When people attack, I will forgive.  And, when I fail to forgive in my weakness, lift me back up to forgive again.  Thank you for the privilege of fighting the fight of love alongside you with your strong forgiveness and indomitable love. Oh, and thank you for a warm home on this cold, rainy winter day and for the soft music in the background and family and friends and the church. My cup overflows.



0-BK 2-DreamMaker-cover-kindle-new-thumbnailDREAM MAKER is novel two in the series THEY MET JESUS.  It is unique in that the reader takes part in the story by urging the characters to do or not do something.  It is in present tense as though YOU ARE THERE.  Each chapter is about someone who was involved in the birth and childhood of Jesus.  Life-Application questions and scriptures cited are at the end of each chapter.  At the end of each book are READINGS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS.  Take a look at this UNIQUE series on the life of Christ.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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Prayer for Sunday 1/5

Silver Cover-KINDLE-thumbnailHow I praise you, my Lord Jehovah, for your love ~ loving me enough to help me become strong with an ethereal strength. Strength that burns with a divine energy.  When I choose to gather with others and worship instead of watching a ball game, something mystic happens in your world: Satan loses and you win.  When someone is mean and I tell them there’s nothing they can say to get me to stop loving them, Satan loses and you win. Everything Satan does, you can undo.  He can make sick, you can heal. He can cause death, you can bring back to life.  He can make me sin, you can forgive. What an amazing God you are.

Oh, it is hard to thank you for tragedies.  I don’t want them. I want to run from them. But, through them you constantly empower me. The more Satan dumps tragedies on me and I respond by refusing to blame you, the weaker he becomes. Through my tears, when I fight Satan’s tragedies with a smile, a whispered song, a gentle thought, I feel you there with me.  Through my groanings, I thank you for the privilege and that you count me worthy.  Ah, Lord God, I would die for you, just as you died for me.  



Silver Cover-KINDLE-thumbnail365 SILVER-WINGED PRAYERS: YOUR SPIRIT TO GOD’S provides daily moments with God of praise, repentance, and thanksgiving.  This is book 3 of the TOUCHING GOD series.  The set makes a wonderful gift.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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Monday 12/30 ~ A daring new year’s resolution

The Scripture for today, December 30 (12/30), is Matthew 12:30, as found in the New Testament of the Bible:

Acts of the Apostles-Cover-Thumbnail“He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters.”

What? You can’t just drift along just showing up at church services and that is all? You must gather people to him? Are you sure? Oh, I don’ know enough about the Bible. Besides, I’m too busy.

Deep down inside, do you fear that, if you bring Jesus into a conversation, people will do you great harm and become dangerous enemies? Although in some countries of the world this is true, in most it is not. Those of you in free countries, do you quake at the thought of bringing up Jesus to your friends, and even to strangers? What will they do to you? Kick you? Slug you? Poison your food? What is it you fear?

Those are Satan’s lies. He has gotten into your head and you are believing him. Most people will appreciate a little discussion about Jesus because most people do not attend worship anywhere and know little about the Bible.

Instead of listening to Satan, perhaps you should quake that some of your friends are headed to hell.  Satan puts fear in your heart. Do not give in to Satan. “Perfect love casts out fear” (1st John 4:18).  Do as Jesus did: “Seek and save the lost” (Luke 9:10).

Help your friends who do not know they need help. Overcome your fear for yourself and give in to the fear for their souls. It can be done. Stop watching so much television or playing endless games. Give it a try. If it were your soul, would you want someone to at least try to save you? Rise up! Defy Satan! For your new year’s resolution, dare to be a gatherer of souls.


Acts of the Apostles-Cover-ThumbnailEASY BIBLE WORKBOOKS:  ACTS OF THE APOSTLES.  All workbooks are surveys of a book.  Here is a simple fill-in-the blank workbook for Acts.  It gives the exact verse so there’s no hunting.  Caution: It is in the NIV version.  It was set up for weekly group studies where the student does one part of a lesson each day so s/he is ready when the group gets together.  However, it can be used in weekly classes or by homeschoolers, or just lone in private study.  (Note:  I am going through another edit in January.) To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….



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Sunday 12/29 ~ The True Promised Land

The scripture for today, December 29 (12/29), is Deuteronomy 12:29 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

07-SHADOW-ChildsCartoonSmall“The Lord your God will cut off before you the nations you are about to invade and dispossess.”

Why would a good God drive people (the Amorite nations) from their own land so that other people (the Jews) could live there? Way back in Genesis 15, God promised Abraham that his descendants would possess the land he lived in as a wanderer; but first, they would be enslaved in a foreign country some 400 years. During that time, they would multiply. Indeed, they did grow from 70 of Abraham’s grandchildren to over three million.

Then it would be time for his descendants to possess the land. Why so long in the future?  Verse 16 explains it: “For the sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure.” God always gives people plenty of time to repent and change.  But the Amorites continued to do horrible things including child sacrifices to appease their gods.

The Jews did finally possess the Promised Land, but God warned them, “If you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you” (Leviticus 18:28). Indeed, they did eventually defile the land with horrible things including child sacrifice to appease the gods they traded the real God for. So, God kept his promise and sent them into exile in Assyria and Babylon.

Today, just as Abraham searched for a country and city not made with hands, join him.  Regardless of the condition of the nation you live in on earth, look ahead to that same country and city not made with hands.  Look ahead to the true Promised Land, the spiritual Promised Land ~ heaven. And it will be forever good.


07-SHADOW-ChildsCartoonThmbnailA CHILD’S LIFE OF CHRIST: SHADOW OF DEATH gently tells of Jesus hurting on the cross, then dying, then coming back to life to live forever.  For the Christian, Death is gentle. Death is a glow of sunshine in the valley and a shining door into heaven.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….




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