Ah, my heart is about to burst.

3 Great Kings Kindle-ThumbnailHow can I praise you, Lord, to the degree you deserve? I cannot. How I wish I could. May the stars sing praises to you. May the waters declare you water of life. May the earth bring forth early buds of spring to remind the world you are the life-giver, you are life. May the frisky animals of spring growl and squeak and chatter and bark and flutter as they daily proclaim you as their Maker.

Ah, my heart is about to burst. You, God of glory, are a friend to all who seek you.  You fill my loneliness, wipe away my tears, hold me, smile with me, laugh with me. Then I am not lonely anymore. You are the Ultimate Friend. You never desert me no matter how rough things get. You are my life. When I leave you, you wait for me to return and finally run after me to bring me back to yourself. You have never left my side over all these years unless it was I who ran away.  Even through the times I could not see you or feel you or touch you, you were there all along. Your loyalty is too great for me to deserve. It is backward. It is I who should be forever loyal to you. You are my forever Friend. Thank you.


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3 Great Kings Kindle-Thumbnail3 GREAT KINGS is book 8 in A CHILD’S BIBLE HEROES series.  Saul was a great warrior until late in life; David was a great poet, Solomon was a great wise man. Together, each did their part to make the new kingdom of Israel great.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this………. https://amzn.to/2LEk6hC


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Prayer of Infinity

Bible Puzzles for Young And Old-CoverThe wind rushes anxiously down the mountains to worship you. The waters pound the shore so the sands will move aside and worship you. The snow falls in silence to purify the ground so it will worship you. All things worship you. They exist because of you. You are their Creator and their life force. Let me shout it to the world both now and in the infinity of forever.

Oh, Jesus, that cross was intended to be an instrument of torture and shame outside of Jerusalem but turned into a tower of light for the world. That crown of thorns was intended to be a mockery but turned into a crown of gold that pronounced you king of the world. Those nails were intended to pierce human flesh; instead, they pierced the heart of the world. How can I thank you? How can any of us thank you for rescuing my wounded soul and making me a child of the King of all kings?

I was in the valley of sin. You called me and lifted me a little higher. I got to my knees, you called again and lifted me even higher. I rose to a stoop, you called again and lifted me to greater heights. I stood tall, you called me louder and lifted me to the gate of heaven, forgiven. You called one last time and lifted me to your throne completely saved. I could not help myself. I descended again. Only this time it was to the foot of your throne where I worshiped once again.


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Bible Puzzles-Cover-ThumbnailBIBLE PUZZLES FOR YOUNG AND OLD includes (a) word searches, (b) crosswords, (c) secret codes, and (4) fill-in-the-blank.  Perfect as rewards in Bible classes, as gifts to shut-ins, for homeschoolers, birthday gifts and fillers in the church bulletin.   To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….  https://amzn.to/3b6mhVw


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Shhh. Do you hear? It’s your turn.

0-Joseph-Cover-Kindle-MediumThe scripture for today, April 29 (4/29), is Deuteronomy 4:29 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

“But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul.”

Ah, to find God.  Who are you, God?  What do you do all through my day?  What do you have to say to me?  Or do you not say anything?  Do you even see me, God?  Where are you?  I cannot find you.

Open your eyes, friend. God is always nearby.  There is an old expression, “To know him is to love him.” So true.  To find God, get to know him.  He is talking to you right now in his Bible, explaining what he is like and how he reacts to every possible situation in life. Open your Bible.  Look through the mini-books within.  God not only gives you examples of right and wrong ways to seek Him, but he gives you beautiful psalms and proverbs for your everyday life.  And, wonder of wonders, He tells how He came down to us and walked among us as Jesus.  Seek him there. He is talking to you.

Then take the next step.  When he asks questions to people in his Bible, take them as your questions and answer them. When he tells someone to stop doing wrong, take them as yours and admit to him the things you do or say that are wrong. When he blesses people in the Bible, take them as your blessings and thank him for them.   

Yes, seek, and you will find. This mutual conversation with God is the with-all-your-heart-and-soul kind. You can do it. He’s waiting for you.  Shhhh.  Do you hear the silence? It’s your turn. Talk to God.


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0-Joseph-Cover-ThumbnailJOSEPH: THE OTHER FATHER.  What kind of man was Joseph for God to entrust his son to him? What kind of man took on the responsibility of keeping the boy safe in a violent world until he was grown?  How many times, when Roman soldiers were attacking, or the Zealots were wreaking havoc or bears came out of the woods where they were cutting timber did Joseph lift his head and cry out, “God, help me protect our son!”?  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this………. https://amzn.to/2FkH4Ku


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…the rainbows. God must love color.

0-Mefiboset-KINDLE ThumbnailYou are my comfort, my shield, my protection. When in danger, you send your angels to stand between harm and me. When I weep, you wipe away my tears.  When I laugh, you laugh with me. When I am sick, you hold me in your arms.  When I walk barefooted, you place my feet on little sprigs of grass that tickle my toes. When I am tired, you carry me. Though you are far away in your realm, you are in my thoughts, my words, my heart.  You hear my thoughts spin, my words tumble out, and my heart beat.  I praise you for all that you are. I long to understand more.

I thank you for the rainbows.  You must love color. You made so many things with colors of rainbows in them ~ flowers, fruit, vegetables, gemstones, birds. I do love color, just like you do. When my eyes absorb all the colors around me, they dance and flutter and play tag with each other.  Color fills my heart with joy. You even made the foundations of heaven many-colored gemstones.  You have a red glow over your throne and an emerald green bow above that. I am so glad you love color too. Thank you and help me to not ever take it for granted.


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0-Mefiboset-KINDLE ThumbnailMEFIBOSET: CRIPPLED PRINCE.  He has everything going for him: Oldest son of tall, handsome Jonathan, the crown prince who is the oldest son of tall, handsome Saul, king of the realm for 40 years.  Suddenly left orphaned at age 5 and crippled for life, his throne is stolen from him by an uncle. Everything should have been downhill after that, but he still has the tall frame and good looks of his grandfather and positive attitude of his father. Everywhere this cripple goes, people can’t help but be charmed by him.  To BUY NOW, click a book or paste this……….https://amzn.to/2YgH0Dc


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Then God Smiles.

00-LUKE-KINDLE Cover-ThumbnailI adore you, God. I praise you. I lift up my heart to you and my heart feels as though it will burst with joy. You are the water I drink for life and which turns my life into a glorious adventure.  You are the words I read to discover your love and my mind leaps from one marvelous revelation of you to another.  You are the light I follow to keep me on the path that rises before me and leads to the heights of your world. I will follow your path forever. I will keep on walking and keep on walking and keep on walking until at last, I walk right through the gates of glory into your home.

I thank you, God, for the good life you have given me. I haven’t been perfect, of course, because Satan is always right around the corner trying to distract me from you. How he hates love. Sometimes I give in to him, ashamed even as I do it. When things get too rough, you step in and carry me until I regain my strength. Then I rise like a bird soaring to its nest on a high mountain. And you smile.


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00-LUKE-KINDLE Cover-ThumbnailLUKE: SLAVE & PHYSICIAN reveals the Roman world where physicians were always family slaves.  Perhaps he was 8 years old when his people lost the Battle of Baduhenna Wood and he became a spoil of war and taken by Tribune Theophilus.  Unable to believe his father had been killed, he spends the next 40 years searching for him.  Along the way, Theophilus trains him to be a physician, they meet Paul, and Luke spends Paul’s final ten years tending to a stubborn man whose body bears the ravages of a greater war.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this………. https://amzn.to/2FBLxq8


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