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Book 1 ~ Lazarus: The Samaritan



Read this amazing rags-to-riches story. His name is really Lazarus, but everyone calls him Zarus. His wealth is from a discovery of copper in a first-century desert. Events take place in Arabia, Idumea, Palestine, Samaria, China, India, and Persia.

This is the story of the Good Samaritan and forty-five years of his life as he also lives through most of Jesus’ other parables. Zarus endures false imprisonment, a cruel indenturement, a mine collapse, a brutal sandstorm, an earthquake, an epidemic, and kidnapping. What is all the exhilaration and heartache for? What is life all about, especially when it is hard? Why are we here?

Follow the suspense, romance, and adventure as Zarus and the love of his life, Jewish Devorah, sacrifice, persist, survive, rise and fall then rise one last time. The surprise ending will take your breath away.  (See Reviews and Chapter summaries below.)











* * * * *Multiple genres- great read – D. Jones

This is an awesome book that should be beneficial to those of any belief system although it does include parables and other Biblical references.

The story of one man’s life and how he entered life very poor and gained worldly riches- and lost many important people in his life. The book is not a feel good read but rather a book that is centered on everyday life experiences that all might experience. Falling in love, helping in the community, raising a family, balancing a business and striving to maintain time with loved ones- issues that many face today. The book is set around
10 BC- 40 AD and takes place in the Middle East. While it is not a fairy tale novel it does contain true love and monogamy, hard work, where to place your trust in the friends you select and the importance of honesty. I am a follower of Christ and I was especially drawn to the fictional characters that could have been people referenced in the Bible. This is not a short read although you may choose to read sections and come back and pick up where you last read. I had never read any of Katheryn Haddad’s novels prior to The Samaritan’s Quest; however, I plan to seek more of her writings.

This is a book that could be used in an ‘English classroom as a novel that would appeal to female and male students. The ‘chapters’ could be used as classroom discussion of character development and ethics that applied in the past and present. There are no four-letter words, no explicit sexual encounters and would be appropriate for high school and college classrooms. I would think the book would be appropriate for a summer reading list and also a wonderful addition to secondary and college libraries.

I would give this novel six stars if that was an option.

* * * * * – Wonderful Story – Horsey

I thoroughly enjoyed the story of the life of Zarus! A wonderful example of those who prevailed through their faith in God our heavenly Father.

* * * * * An epic story of one man’s life – worth the read – Rachel Helms

This is quite a unique book. The tale is parceled out, with different portions of the characters’ lives lining up with a unique perspective of different Bible stories. Although the author takes some liberties, the narrative plays out in such a way that it really could have happened.

I really appreciated the mix of the historical setting, with the updated dialogue. Zarus, the protagonist, becomes a fully developed character, someone you start to care about and root for early on in the story. As you are introduced to various people in his life, the story twists and turns in ways you don’t expect. I enjoyed ruffling back through the pages, picking up on hints of various occurrences that happen, or backbones of certain characters.

The adventures aren’t limited to Zarus. Several of his friends and family members go on their own journeys, still showing and learning the biblical truths presented throughout Zarus’ life.

I always enjoy reading historical fiction books, in part because of the interesting little tidbits I pick up along the way. This time, mining in that time period forms a large part of the story. The ways they manipulated the technology of the time is fascinating.

This book isn’t simply historical fiction – it has romance and action blended in with the history, and each part of Zarus’ journey is backed up by scripture. The story reminded me somewhat of Lawrence of Arabia – that peculiar hold that a story can have on you, that particular mix of genres, and the epic scope of the story being told.

I highly recommend this book – it was well researched, has fascinating characters, and an engaging story.

* ** * **   – Don’t Miss This Treasure! – Betty Choate

I am a busy person and don’t have time to do much extra reading, but when I started “The Samaritan’s Quest” at the Harding Lectures, I picked it up again every time I had a few minutes and just lived the “bringing to life” of Jesus’ parables! Katheryn did such excellent research into geography, history, culture, names, and the biblical account in her development of the Samaritan’s life. She is an amazing writer and Bible scholar, and I do heartily recommend this book. When you read it, I am very sure you will look for opportunities to tell others about it.

Now I’m waiting for her next treasure, magnifying historically and culturally the life and work and sufferings of the apostle Paul.

* * * * * – The parables given new life… – Scott R Rezer

Let me just say that reading Katheryn Haddad’s THE SAMARITAN’S QUEST is unlike most other books you’ve probably ever read. It may come off as a bit different at first, but stick with it. Her style—writing in present tense—puts you immediately into the thoughts of the story’s characters. And it is a very interesting and inspiring story, indeed. Ms. Haddad has taken the parables of Jesus and woven them into a storyline about the Good Samaritan, here named Zarus, and the beautiful woman he loves, as he rises from poverty to wealth—and back to poverty once more.

Life in first century Palestine was not easy. For the despised Samaritans living amongst the Jews, it was even more difficult. Adding flesh and bone—and indentities—to the obscure dramatis personae of the parables lends a kind of intimacy to the story not easily overlooked.

You’ll rejoice with the characters one moment, cry with them the next. Lose yourself in this well-written and well-researched story of faith, love, and hope, and you will not be disappointed. You will be touched by the power of the Savior’s parables in the way He meant for them to be interpreted.

* * * * * – Amazing – Shiloh

I would highly recommend this book to all who know Christ, any who feel drawn to Him, and for those who enjoy reading stories set in the time period and part of the world where he lived. The author has done her research well, depicting life as it was during those times. You will rejoice, grieve and grow with the characters and when you finish the book, I don’t think you will be able to forget them. This book is longer than some but well worth reading, the writing style unique, but you will become comfortable with it.

I loved how the author illustrated many of Jesus’s parables. You will never again think they were just “made up” stories. You will live them with the characters in the book. I tend to like long books, and this is definitely longer than some you will read, but a rich and rewarding experience it will be. Enjoy!

* * * * * – This is a great book – Quilt Lady

I have finished reading The Samaritan’s Quest, and I found it to be hard to put down. It is an exciting, riveting, scary, happy journey of a poor man and his wife. Over time he becomes wealthy, but has many exciting circumstances he endures which keeps the reader coming back to this wonderful book. There are numerous episodes in the book which are based on Jesus’ parables from the Bible. The Parables of Jesus is the theme of the 2015 Lectureship at Harding University, and the book was dedicated to Harding. I encourage you to read this great book.

* * * * * – Awesome in the way the author wove – Lori Baker Wooten

The Samaritan’s Quest was awesome in the way the author wove each parable into the fabric of the story. It was fun to guess which one was coming next.

The story encompasses the lifespan of a Samaritan man from poverty to riches and poverty again. It gives the historic perspective of the Jews and their extreme prejudice against the Samaritans and makes the reader come face to face with his/her own prejudices.

The ultimate quest portrayed in the book, the search of a lifetime, is to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. All nations, rich or poor, can come together to worship at the feet of the Prince of Peace. No longer is one nation the chosen people, but all who will accept the great sacrifice by believing and obeying the Christ, the Anointed one.

***** – Good Reading – Myrna

This is the first book I have read by this author, so far it’s been good I start the next book in this series next.

***** – Great Read – Amazon Customer

This book was amazing to me. Unbelievable amount of research to the workings of mining in the ancient days. Also loved the intertwined love story of Lazarus and Devorah.




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