Book 4 ~ Mefiboset: Crippled Prince

0-Mefiboset-KINDLE MediumDenied the throne as king of Israel and crippled for life at age five, Sett spends his early years fleeing his grandfather King Saul’s enemies.

Inheriting his gigantic grandfather’s height and good looks along with his father Jonathan’s positive attitude, Sett uses his wits to get out of life-threatening situations in Israel, Babylon, and Assyria.

Despite his handicap, the beautiful Kisarra becomes his wife, King David becomes his friend, and the forests become his mission.

Though he must constantly deal with three enemies who do everything they can to make his life miserable, Mefiboset, grandson of a king, is an overcomer, a climber, a conqueror who triumphs in the end.  (See reviews below.  See Amazon ranking below that.)

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 * * * * *  Great book!!!!!   Kindle Customerbob 

 I read 3 books in this series and this is the best, although I enjoyed all I found this book hard to put down.

* * * * *  Very informative.  Kindle Customer

I loved the entire biblical series. Learned a lot about people in the Bible and their earlier years.

* * * * *  Easy.  Bettye 

Very enjoyable read. Easy read.

* * * * Thank you, Katheryn for another good book.  Myrna

I’m so happy I have another one in this series all ready to read on my Kindell.  It is midnight and I need another chapter or two before getting to sleep.

* * * *   I really liked this book.  Jackie Holloway

Overall, I really liked this book. It’s made me really think a lot about a man in the Bible that I’ve never given much thought to before. Despite relatively minor cons, there were a lot of pros to this book. This was a well written, interesting book. I enjoyed travelling with Sett throughout his life, encountering people I knew from the Bible, and others I met for the first time. This book has definitely made me want to research more into Methibosheth’s life, if it’s possible. If not, I have a wonderful version of Sett in my head. 🙂

Before I started the book, I went to the Bible and read the story of Mephibosheth. I wanted the actual scriptures to compare the story to. The author, from what I can tell, has kept as much to the Biblical story of Sett. Of course, she expounds and makes up the story where the Bible doesn’t give us details. But from what I can tell, she doesn’t deviate from Scripture.

But the author speaks way too much about the forests…annoying. And Sett is a great character–almost too great. It’s almost as if he was sinless.  [Except for his meltdown after David accused him of treason. – edit. note.]

Thank you Kathryn for writing such a great book! I can’t wait to read more in the series


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