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Book 3 ~ Luke: Slave and Physician

0-Luke-Slave&Physician KINDLE CoverLuke is a part of the spoils of war after the famous Roman Battle of Baduhenna Wood of AD 28.  With no sight of Luke’s Nordic warrior father, Most Excellent Theophilus, knighted Roman tribune, takes Luke as his slave to be trained as his scribe and private physician.

As Theophilus is transferred to fortresses throughout Germanica, Luke sings his father’s haunting song, hoping to find him some day.  Along the way, he is betrothed to the beautiful Rashah. With Theophilus finally going into semi-retirement in Berea, Luke gains permission to climb nearby Mount Olympus to talk to the gods. His anger grows hot when he realizes they are not there and may not even exist.

Soon after, Luke goes to Troas and meets the Apostle Paul. Now as a Christian and having been given his freedom, he spends the next decade traveling with Paul and treating his many injuries. Theophilus becomes a Christian, and Luke promises to write for him an accurate accounting of Jesus’ life. Upon Paul’s death, Luke sets out to find and interview Jesus’ apostles, now scattered around the world.

Come read of Luke and what might have been.


















* * * * * – Luke, one terrific doctor for the Apostle Paul! – Tina Lawrence

Wow! full of a lot of history. I need to read the gospel of Luke again, this time it will be through eyes of seeing him in his walk for our Lord, with the Apostle Paul as his companion. Really though, the Apostle’s Paul’s personal physician. Great book!

* * * * * – Highly Recommend –  Amazon Customer

Just finished reading Luke: Slave & Physician  This is a great book! I highly recommend everyone to read this…  This is my second book from this author, and I’m getting ready to start another!

* * * * *  – A Recommended Read –  Eugene Perry, Beamsville, Ontario, Canada,  Editor Emeritus, Gospel Herald Magazine                                             

 In this adventure-packed, romantic, historical novel the author does a masterful job of grabbing and holding the reader’s attention chapter after chapter.  The story is that of the life of an eight-year-old fair-haired lad found by Tribune Theophilus after he successfully puts down an uprising against Roman control in an area now known as the Netherlands.

                The lad, Lukvert, thinking his father was a casualty, soon becomes a faithful slave to the kindly tribune who treats him well and eventually addresses him as “son”.  The boy is literate, quickly adjusts, learns languages easily and is encouraged by his master to write the story of his people. Circumstances of an army camp soon bring to the surface the youth’s interest in medicine and healing. His master encourages this interest and comes to fully trust him.

                Exposure to the various religions/gods of the time causes Luke see the futility of such and to be open to something better.  His interest leads him to be in contact with Paul and Timothy.  Both he and his master become Christians despite the challenges this involved. Along the way, Luke has received training and experience in medicine and becomes Theophilus’ private physician, and later the apostle Paul’s.  Theophilus is now interested in Luke researching and writing the story of the Life of Christ. In order to do this, he is released from his duties and enabled to travel, search for and located all the apostles and others who had associations with Jesus.  Included are the travels, adventures and persecutions recorded in the book of Acts as Luke traveled with Paul even to Rome and his death.

                The reader will be impressed by the detailed inclusion of customs and characteristics of the various cultures involved as well as by the way the story parallels the Acts narrative.

                In the end, Luke faithfully completes his mission and makes his way back to his native land after being gone forty years only to find the surprise of his life waiting for his arrival.

                A recommended read.

* * * * *  – GLORIA S. WADDELL.  Great story makes scripture come to life

* * * * * – D. MORITZ.  Captivating

 * * * * – MYRNA.  Once more the series has kept me absorbed

I loved it. Like is interesting and interwoven with Paul’s story very well. Thank you again for a good story.

 * * * * – KEVIN WILLIAMS.  Read it twice it was very good