A Child’s Bible Kids



8 Story Books

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“Think & Do” at the end of each chapter.

Fun, LARGE squiggly 16 pt. type inside.

Average 80 pages each book.

Popular with grandparents, homeschoolers, and parents.


When Miriam was 3 years old, she got a little brother named Aaron. When she was 6 years old, she got another little brother named Moses.  She always watched out for them, even when baby Moses was taken to the palace. He was raised by a princess, but Miriam always found a way to be near him.


An angel told Samuel’s parents he would be born. He was a happy baby. When he was 2 years old, he got a new grandfather named Eli. He wore tiny priest clothes and helped in the temple. Sometimes he swept the floor, sometimes he checked the candles. One day, God spoke to him.


Nara was 12 years old and so happy when she met Elisha, the prophet. He performed miracles. Then she was kidnapped by Syrian soldiers and made a slave.  Her master was Naaman, captain of the army. One day he got sick and she told him Prophet Elisha could heal him.

04-King Joash-MediumCover

When he was a baby, he became king.  The high priest and his wife hid him in their big house in the temple area for 7 years. The high priest taught him the Ten Commandments and Law of Moses.  Then Joash turned 8 and became king in the palace. He would not let people bow down to pretend gods.


 His great-grandfather was a good king. But his grandfather and father were bad kings because they bowed down to statues. Josiah became king when he was 8 years old. He tore down all the statues of pretend gods and his people became very happy.

06-Boy Jesus-Medium Cover

 For 1000s of years, God had promised to send his Son to start a new kingdom on earth. When he was finally born, they named him Jesus.  It was too dangerous for him to go to the temple. But when Jesus was 12, he went and taught smart temple priests. Then he got lost.

07-Jairus' Daughter-MediumCover

She was lively Leah and very happy from the time she was born.  But, when she was 12, she got very sick. The doctor came, but could not make her better. Her father was a rabbi and decided to ask Jesus to heal her. He found Jesus and begged him to come heal his little girl. But a surprise happened.

Rhoda Book Cover KINDLE-medium

Rhoda was always joking and teasing and hardly ever serious. When she was 11 years old, her widowed mother needed help, so Rhoda went to work at John Mark’s house where his mother was rich and his grandfather was grouchy. Sometimes Peter came and told them about Jesus.



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Naaman’s Maid

King Joash

King Josiah

Boy Jesus

Jairus’ Daughter