A Child’s Bible Heroes

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Adam and Eve were the very first people.  God wanted them to live in a very special place, so he made the world beautiful.   They had so much fun with the animals because, at the beginning, they could talk to them. At the beginning also, God even came to earth and walked with them.


While Noah was growing up, most of the other children did not like him because he wouldn’t break the rules with them. He wouldn’t when grown either. One day, God told Noah water was going to come out of the sky, so he needed to build a boat.  It had never rained before and everyone made fun of him.


Abraham’s friends and family bowed down to make-believe gods.  The real God told him to leave his city and he would give him a family as big as many cities. He was already old and didn’t have one single child. But, when he got very, very old, God gave him a son, the beginning of his very big family


When Isaac, Abraham’s promised son, grew up, he had two sons. The brothers argued all the time.   Jacob even stole all his brother’s wealth, then had to leave it behind and run away.  But Jacob became sorry and God gave him 12 sons. The brothers finally loved each other and God changed Jacob’s name to Isra-El.


Joseph’s brothers did not like him. As a boy, he had dreams of them bowing down to him and that made them madder. So, they sold him to become a slave in the far-away kingdom of Egypt. He even spent many years in prison. But he never complained. Then he was made almost a king himself and his brothers bowed to him.


Moses’ parents were slaves in Egypt. As a baby, he was going to be thrown into the river, but a princess saved him. When he was grown, he defended his people, the Israel-ites, then had to run away. Years later, he returned to Egypt where God did amazing miracles through Moses so his Israel-ite people would be set free.


Samson was a leader of the Israel-ites when they got their own land. He was called a judge. He was so strong, he could kill a big ole lion and carry big city gates on his shoulder. He was a one-man army and punished the kingdom that did not want to obey God. 

3 Great Kings Kindle-Medium

There were 3 great kings who ruled the Israel-ites after the judges.  King Saul fought for many years the kingdom that tried to destroy the Israelites. Then King David, the shepherd who killed a bear to protect his sheep, built Jerusalem. Then wise King Solomon built a great temple to the one and only God.


Jonah was a prophet. A prophet tells people things God tells him. The Assyr-ian kingdom was mean to God’s Israel-ites, but God told Jonah to be nice to the Assyr-ians. Jonah didn’t want to, so a fish swallowed him up. Three days later, Jonah came out of the fish unharmed. He decided to be nice to the mean kingdom.


Daniel was made a slave by a kingdom that burned down Jerusalem.  He did not complain. He became a helper and finally an important officer to the king. Some people did not like that, so made it illegal to worship the only true God. He did anyway and was thrown to hungry lions. God made the lions be like friendly kitties.




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3 Great Kings





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