I have finished my book ~ 837 pages

I FINISHED MY BOOK just now on historical research! It’s 837 pages.  Took me a year.  It includes thousands of links on each chapter’s subject to every part of the world for more detailed discoveries.  These are the chapters:
  1. Start With What You Know
  2. How to Interview Even the Reluctant
  3. Get Yourself Organized
  4. What You Need in Your Library
  5. Eras of the World
  6. Historians in Each Era of the World
  7. Birth Customs and Records [in each country of the world]
  8. Marriage Customs and Records
  9. Death Customs and Records
  10. Border Changes of Cities, Counties, States, Countries
  11. Census Records
  12. Tax Records
  13. Making Chronologies
  14. Newspapers
  15. Military
  16. Occupations
  17. Fraternities and Clubs
  18. Financial Institutions
  19. Finding Old Documents & Reading Old Handwriting
  20. Changing Neighborhood Makeups
  21. Bad Guys
  22. Good Guys
  23. Medical Knowledge
  24. Clothing
  25. Housing
  26. Disasters
  27. Families, Friends, and Fun
  28. Manners
  29. DNA
Now I need to run it through its first proof reading. That’s going to take a week. Maybe two. Then I’ll finish formatting and send it in to the printer. Then get a paper copy and proofread 2 or 3 more times.
It only took me a year. Whew. Don’t think I’ll tackle such a project again!
BTW, bible technically means book, and in today’s world it means the book that covers everything on its topic. But, if you have a better title idea…

2 thoughts on “I have finished my book ~ 837 pages

  1. Patti Jo Moore

    You are AMAZING!!
    Congratulations on finishing your book – – what a wonderful accomplishment!
    God bless you as you write for the glory of God.


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