Do you think it would help to…

03-Naaman'sMaid-MediumCoverThe stars praise you by night, the sun declares your glory by day. They sparkle with the romance of the ages in their own way. Even raging storms declare your power, butterflies declare your gentleness, grass coming back to life each spring declares your mercy. You make, then you remake. You create and recreate. You raise up, cheer up, climb up, clean up. You love without boundaries. Your mercy is limitless. Your life without end.

I was discouraged the other day and dragged my family down with me. I could have excused myself and gone for a walk or into a room alone. I could have written them a love note asking for their patience while I rebuild. I did not. I snapped at them because I felt so bad inside. It was probably just some chemical thing in my body, but I did not know how to change it. Do you think it would help to write some love notes to my family and put them away for the next time it happens?

Thank you, Jesus, for all you did for me. I couldn’t do it. I still cannot be perfect. No matter how hard I try, I fail. So, you did it for me and for everyone. You were perfect for us. Then you took the blame for our imperfections along with our punishment. The world hated you because you were perfect and we were not. Jesus, you did so much. I cannot begin to comprehend it all.  But I can spend eternity thanking you with my heart, my spirit, my soul.


03-Naaman'sMaid-ThumbnailCoverA CHILD’S BIBLE KIDS:  NAAMAN’S MAID was grabbed from her parents’ yard when the soldiers came.  They took her far away, but she never forgot her family or friends.  And old Elisha who had performed a miracle for the widow lady living next door.  When her master began to look like a monster, she could have been happy her master was sick.  Instead, she forgave him and told him the God of her family, her friends, and Elisha could heal him.  Guess what?  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:

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