Oh, how you have spoiled me.

Oh, how you have spoiled me. You placed diamonds in mountain-top snow, rubies in the flowers, emeralds in 365 Dat by Date-Front-Thumbnailthe meadows, and delight in the birds that daily sing to me. As I climb the mountain of my life I think back of all the enormous opportunities I had as a youth. As I grow older and climb higher, my choices are narrowing and I am glad. My focus is more and more on you. Someday I will reach the mountain top, and you will be there. You will smile and say, “Welcome home.”

Forgive me when I refuse to forget a hurt and let myself become bitter.  Help me not forget those who have mistreated me. Perhaps they did not know they did. Or, even if they did so on purpose, bless them anyway.

Ah, thank you, my Lord, for all you have done for us through the history of mankind. I, along with everyone else, travel a wilderness, often not making good choices. The frustrations you must feel when I don’t pay attention to you but they do not stop you from loving me. You have been too patient. But you also give me your Word map in my wilderness to show me just where I am. And give me work to do in order to make sense of life. Thank you for entrusting me with that work. I will do the best I know how. I know you smile and reply, “That’s all I ask: Do your very best.”


365 Dat by Date-Front-Thumbnail365 LIFE-CHANGING SCRIPTURES DAY BY DATE is a daily devotional guide with scriptures based on the date, using month numbering.  Therefore, 3/16 is John 3:16,   1/1 is Genesis 1:1,   8/28 is Romans 8:28 and   6/4 is Romans 6:4. To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….https://bit.ly/3887z0L


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