My child, it’s just for you

Pearls Cover-Palms-300dpi-MediumI praise you, Jehovah, Father and First Cause of all things that live, move, and have their being. You have and are all I need to survive and thrive in this world where Satan is gradually losing his claim to be the ruler. Oh, I know Christians everywhere are lamenting the growing disinterest in and even animosity toward you. But it is not true. You have hundreds of thousands in hiding who have not bowed down to the gods of self.  Your church will never die, regardless of how often it is attacked and neglected.  They, like me, are drawn to you like a magnet. You are the all mighty.  Just as you will never die, your Bride will never die.  All praise belongs to you, all honor, glory, and adoration. I, in strength, fall at your feet and worship you.

I must stop resisting evil people. I must smile and treat such people special. I must do it. Forgive me when I go back to resisting. Help me do as you do ~ bring sunshine into their lives.

Ah, how I thank you, God, for your Bible and pouring out your heart in it. Sharing all the pain you felt through the ages when your loved ones sinned, keeping faith in them anyway, and feeling joy when they stood up for right. How you love me, your child, and set me on your knee so you can tell me the stories of long ago as warnings and encouragements to me today. As I read, I can imagine you smiling and nodding and whispering, “Keep reading, my child. There’s more. I put it there just for you.”


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