And return my crown to him

0-BK 8-ComeFlyWithMe-Cover-Medium-NewAll continents of the earth praise you, God of Glory. Every tongue on earth praises you, Lord of Splendor. Mountains, valleys, swamps and deserts praise you, the great I AM.  The moon, the sun, and stars on high praise you, Divine Maker. All thrones, both great and small, praise you, King of the Cosmos. My mind, soul and body praise you now and forever, most Holy one.

Father, I slandered someone in my public prayer. I asked you to guide someone through a problem no one else knew that person had. I revealed too much and hurt their good name. I am so sorry.  Help me become a better friend to that person and keep my mouth shut.

You saved me from Satan’s clutches, Lord God. Not only that, but you made me your personal priest to offer you the sacrifices of my words and deeds every day. Then you gave me a crown and made me a king among mankind to represent you to the world. Someday I shall walk through your gate into your home, approach your throne, bow at your feet, and give that crown back to you, satisfied to just be in your presence at last.


0-BK 8-ComeFlyWithMe-Cover-Thumbnail-NewTHEY MET JESUS:  COME FLY WITH ME is the last novel about 100 people who met and struggled with Jesus.  Jesus prepares his twelve to “go it alone” without him in his last few visits with them.  Then, their last walk ~ their walk past the olive garden of despondency and on to the olive peak of glorious majesty.  They watch the man who seemed so human become glorious and rise to heaven.  Now on their own, they defy the Sanhedrin just as their master had.  Sixty-five years later and the only apostle left, Jesus reappears to John, now old, and escorts him to heaven where he sees the other eleven already on their thrones.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:

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