Most exhilarating

This morning I woke up to a new day, one more day closer to being with you.  During the morning I shall go to 365 Dat by Date-Front-Thumbnailthe market for food for my family, and I will be a few more hours closer to being with you. All afternoon I will volunteer at a school, and I will be half a day closer to being with you. Tonight, I shall lie down. And perhaps, just perhaps, when I close my eyes in the darkness, it will be my turn to open them to the brightness of your glory. Home at last. Home at last.

Books.  Thank you for books, Lord. At first people wrote them on clay, then reed soaked and flattened out, then animal skins rolled up, then pulp from trees and bound on one side. Finally, they were on screens electrically written. No matter in what form books have come to us, they have always informed and fascinated and brought exciting new knowledge to anticipating minds. Books open up the world. Most exhilarating of all is your Book that opens up your world. Along the way, it reveals our Maker ~ your heart, your knowledge, your emotions, what makes you weep in sadness and laugh in happiness. Thank you for your Book.


365 Dat by Date-Front-Thumbnail365 LIFE-CHANGING SCRIPTURES DAY BY DATE.  Start the day with advice from your Maker.  He loves you, you know.  Read all about it.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….

Tell me what you think, friend.

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