The future remains a dream

0-Michel-COVER-Kindle-ThumbnailAh, my God. My life is like a flower I think.  I started out as a seed in my mother’s womb, the promise of a breath, a heartbeat, a soul. Then as a bud with promises of things to come in my parents’ arms, I wrinkled my nose at them, puckered my mouth, blinked, and cooed. Next came the excitement of slowly opening up as I gradually grew through childhood. I tried to be lovely and sweet, but that’s when the thorns appeared. Sometimes I stuck myself with those thorns. Eventually I reach adulthood and have been in pure water full of life, but other times in murky water that interfered with my growth. As I look back, it was all a sigh.  The future remains a dream. A dream of being with you forever like a flower that never fades. I long for that day. Until then, I will continue to praise you, the sunshine of my life and soul. I worship you.

Lord, thank you for the morning. It is so beautiful. It is a little nippy outside, but the sun is strong and warm. I see squirrels scampering about preparing for winter. I see people out jogging and enjoying the autumn breeze. I think of my garden and all the food it produced ~ more than I need. Thank you for such a bounty that I have plenty to give away to other people.  And thank you for the newspaper that reports on people with problems. It is as though they are calling out to me. I can look them up in the phone book and write them a letter of encouragement and say a prayer for them. Thank you for newspapers. And parts of the internet.



MICHAEL: THE FOURTH WISE MAN sits in the palace just north of where the Garden of Eden had been.  As a descendant of Jewish Daniel in a pagan world, he longs to restore the garden in hopes that God will walk the earth again as he did with Adam and Eve.  But he is interrupted by a star.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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