I do not know how

Love Letters of Jesus & his Bride, Eccelsia-THUMBNAILJehovah, you are my life, the light that shines from afar and which grows stronger the closer it comes to me.  You continue to shine on me day after day, year after year. You are the only light. Without you, there is only darkness and loss, even, of hope.  Without you there is no reality and all is without form and void.  Oh, what a terrible thing it would be to exist in such a void, made possibly only by Satan. But with you is brightness of life with the brilliance of your glory shining down on me, the illumination of your mercy, the vividness of your love.

Ah, my God, you did so much to save me. It took you centuries to accomplish everything. You sent a part of yourself, your Word, your Son to finalize everything. Your Word gave up heaven to become my substitute. In the world’s state of rebellion, that part of you gave in to Satan and died so my ransom could be paid. You loved me first. How can I thank you? I do not know how. I will spend my life trying.

Love Letters of Jesus & his Bride, Eccelsia-THUMBNAIL

LOVE LETTERS OF JESUS & HIS BRIDE, ECCLESIA.  This is the Song of Solomon paraphrased into modern applications and the glories of the church. Hundreds of cross references guide the way to a fuller understanding of our groom and what is yet to come.  Watermark of a bride on every page. Good for wedding gifts and anniversaries as well as Bible class study.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:  https://bit.ly/32rrvZM


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