Through the long-haul

09-Jonah-KindleMediumAh, how I adore you, Jehovah God. You are so good. You have stood by mankind through the long haul. You did not make us and then forget us. You have, for so long, been patient. So long. Never giving up. Always here. Always forgiving and blessing, forgiving and blessing like waves on a seashore.  When I turn from you, you always bring me back.  How can you love us despite how rebellious we can be against you?  You are like a lighthouse shining your light in the dark storms of my life, trying to help me find my way to safety. Holy Father, Light of the World, I fall at your feet unworthy of such love. In tears of both shame and gladness I worship you.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for making it possible for my sins to be erased. Thank you for forgiving so many secret sins ~ sins in my heart that no one else knows about. My sins of attitude are so many. I am weak in my sinfulness but you are strong in your forgiveness. I can never thank you enough for staying with me as I struggle through life.  You are my rock foundation and my fortress of faith.


09-Jonah-KindleThumbnailA CHILD’S BIBLE HEROES: JONAH.  Jonah was a good prophet, but needed a lesson in humility and forgiveness.  True, Nineveh, the capital of Assyria, was so cruel, captured enemies were tortured.  But not now.  The new king was only 14 years old.  His heart was still good.  He wanted to restore honor to his kingdom. Blame this young king for what his ancestors had done?  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this:


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