With you my soul is at peace

00-1st Century Worship KINDLE-COVER-ThumbnailLord God Almighty, as long as I walk with you, I am safe. Nothing others can say or do to me can harm me. They may insult me, threaten me, beat me, but all the while I will be safe. I will not hear their words because your words will echo through my mind ~ words of love and comfort. I will not notice their threats because I will be hiding under the shadow of your wings and only hear your breath of life.  I will not feel the beatings they batter me with because I will feel only your loving arms around me. Lord, with you I am strong. With you my soul is at peace.

Ah, my Lord, I remember the day of my baptism. It was long ago, but I remember everything about it. I remember walking up and sitting on the front pew. I remember the preacher asking me if I believed Jesus is the Son of God. I said yes, but in my young heart I thought the question was so unnecessary because, of course he is the Son of God!  I remember my mother and her friend helping me put on a white robe and stepping down into the baptistry. I remember the preacher’s words: “I now baptized you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for the forgiveness of your sins.” I remember leaning back and going down into the water. Most vividly I remember coming up out of the water and telling myself, “I am sinless! I am pure!” Thank you for making all this possible and for the good memory of it.


00-1st Century Worship KINDLE-COVER-ThumbnailWORSHIP THE FIRST-CENTURY WAY is one of a series of two, WANDERING SOUL, ENTITLED HEART, AND THE SIDE-TRACKED CHURCH.  Each chapter begins with a famous “theologian” (considered to be the founder of some denomination), then gradually takes readers from what everyone agrees on to something new and exciting for them. To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….  http://bit.ly/worshipfirst


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