You held out your arms to me

I lift up my praises to you, Jehovah, God of the universe. You are the ultimate love, for though mankind has left you, you want us back so we can 0-BK 2-DreamMaker-cover-kindle-medium-newdelight in each other’s presence. As a new-born baby, I think perhaps I must have been aware of you, having just left your presence. But as I grew older, I drifted farther from you. When I became grown, I did things you were ashamed of. But you pursued me anyway. Your love was stubborn. Your love was such a powerful and mighty and driving force. You reached out to me over and over. Though I ran from you a little while, I gradually realized you were not going to let me go. I gradually realized the potency of your love. When I turned toward you, you held out your holy arms to me and welcomed me back home.

My Lord, sometimes I am tired. I do not want to do anything but sit and stare or go for long walks. Sometimes I am discouraged. I am at a lost what to do next, so I do nothing. Sometimes I feel so inadequate, I lie down and refuse to do anything at all. At those times, you smile, take my hand, and whisper, “It’s okay. Go ahead and rest. I’ll send one of my angels to sit with you. When you are ready, I’ll be ready too.  You do not need to ask my forgiveness, for there is nothing to forgive.  Rest now and be at peace.” Thank you for being so understanding, my Lord.


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