The basin of blood

0-BOOK 7-SHADOW-ChildsCartoonMediumAh, my Lord God. Everywhere I look, you are there. You leap from mountain to mountain as stepping stones. You throw out seeds of pine and spruce and fir, and forests appear. You blow on them, they fall, and deserts appear.  You step into the oceans, stir them up, and laugh when their waves leap with joy. You are in the chirpings of the birds, the giggles of a child, the echoes in canyons.  You are in the gentle breezes, the laughing brooks, the slumbering meadows. Everywhere I look and you are there, dear Lord. More wondrous still will be when I see you face to face.

There is a basin of blood at the foot of your cross.  You washed me and made me clean when I was baptized in that blood. That which was crimson and laden with grief, made me pure and white and overflowing with joy.  How can this be? What you went through for me. How you fought Satan for my spirit, my life, my soul.  I do not understand your strength, but I know it is greater than Satan’s.  He made you bleed, but the life that flowed out of you with that blood became the water of life. Thank you for all you did for me. I worship you.


0-BK 7-ShadowOfDeath-Cover-new-ThumbnailA CHILD’S LIFE OF CHRIST: SHADOW OF DEATH explains the death of Jesus on the cross in gentle terms such as “he hurt”.  Children know he died on the cross, but do not understand why grownup talk about it so much. Now they can understand.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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