A breeze touched me and it was you

Ah, my Lord, I send up my praises to you and they go rushing like a tidal wave to engulf your heart with my love. How can I praiseBible Puzzles for Young And Old-Cover you enough for the power of your love and justice, patience and mercy? I do not begin to understand it ~ powers beyond my imagination. Yet you love me ~ little, insignificant me. I lift up my voice to you in a whispered sigh, in a chant, in a song, in an anthem. May my voice echo through the universe until it reaches your magnificent throne of love. And I worship you.

Oh, God, how can I thank you for offering your home to me, then doing everything possible to keep me from the terrors of Satan. I do not deserve such stubborn love. Today I have a lot of peace within and it feels so good. We had a little rain yesterday, a double rainbow, and now a golden sunrise. When I went outside to look at my flowers, a warm breeze touched my check and made me think of you. Thank you for being you.


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