Exciting and wonderful beyond measure

0-Cover-MediumMy Father, as I walked along my path of life, the breeze teased itself through my hair and I felt such grace from you.  I was so energized when the breeze turned into an outright wind, I ran and felt your courage. I became so invigorated when the wind turned into a gale, I leaped and grabbed hold of your love.  I became so excited when the gale turned to a cyclone, I flew and felt the intensity of your love. Ah, my Lord, you are exciting and wonderful beyond measure. And I exalt you.

I praise you and magnify you in my heart. And, as I do, my heart grows and sometimes bursts with delight. Then it starts all over again. You are the pleasure of my day, and I bask in sharing just a spark of your glory. You bring sunshine when the dark clouds come. You give me smiles when I weep. You bring calm during storms. You give me direction when I feel lost. You grant me peace when turmoil surrounds me. Oh, great Lord. You do the same for everyone who loves you. How do you do it? How can I thank you? I am in awe of you.


00-Cover-ThumbnailFUN WITH BIBLE NUMBERS opens up an exciting new view of the Bible and the enormity of deeds done, voyages made, deserts crossed, kingdoms established, the world conquered.  525 easy math problems.  Great for home schoolers and activity books when visiting grandparents.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….  http://bit.ly/FunBibleNumbers


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