Lord, take me home.

0-REV-Cover-No Logo-KINDLE-lg-thumbnailLord, take me home. This world is hard. How I long to live in your world. Well, I know you have a purpose for me being here and I try to do my share in defeating hatred with love, accusations with forgiveness. But sometimes I grow weary. It is at those times I long to be with the One I adore. There we can walk and talk together as you did with Adam and Eve in the garden. There the river of life will flow freely; the tree of eternal life will blossom and bear fruit. There the roses will not have thorns, the street of gold will not have broken bricks, the wall of salvation will stand sturdy and protective, and the sun will shine forth from you to make it forever day. Well, some day it will be my time. I will close my eyes here and open them in your presence. Glorious day.

Thank you for your salvation. Over and over your Bible tells me that’s all you think about. How loving and wonderful you are. And thank you for the friends coming over to have dinner. And for my next-door neighbors. Thank you for food to share with them. Thank you for the animals who seem to have a special love for humans ~ kittens, dogs, horses and others. Thank you for color and rainbows that show off all the colors at once. So many delights. Mostly I delight in worshiping you.


0-REV-Cover-No Logo-KINDLE-lg-thumbnailREVELATION: A LOVE LETTER FROM GOD.  Once you understand the symbolism of the numbers, everything falls into place  How long will Jesus reign?  10 x 10 x 10 = 1000 years.  All-inclusiveness x all-inclusiveness x all-inclusiveness. So, at the end of eternity, he will no longer reign.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….  https://bit.ly/36W2CqT


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