Come back. Come back to me!

All praises belong to you, Jehovah my Maker, Creator of my soul, the re-Creator of my life. You are astonishing in everything you do. When I call out for help, your chariot races through the storms to rescue me. You are my fortress walled about with salvation. You are my shield between me and danger. At last there is peace once again in my life. Peace that flows like a gentle stream. My every breath whispers your praise and rises to storehouses of white clouds. My every sigh soars through the heavens to your throne and rests in you.

Ah, my Lord, thank you for your everlasting love. It never fades away. It never ceases no matter how bad I may become. You run after me and say, “Come back!  Come back to me.” No matter how many times I wander, you never tire of running after me. Your love is beyond comprehension.  I do not deserve you. Thank you, for loving me and being willing to fling my sins off me and trample them underfoot.  How amazing, and how lofty the thought. I adore you. I worship you.



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One thought on “Come back. Come back to me!

  1. lthompson44

    Katheryn, your posts are so uplifting and the words so beautiful. Keep up your good work, sweet lady. I’ve included you in my prayers during this time of pandemic. Please stay safe.
    Take care, Linda


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