You stand in the universe among the worlds

03-Abraham-ThumbnailCoverThe stars join together in rapturous chords to sing your praises from galaxy to galaxy. The planets echo their song. It spirals down to the mountain tops. The mountains tremble and the song soars upward until it penetrates worlds and rests at last at your throne. Though there be hundreds of billions of galaxies, the worlds cannot praise you enough, nor can my heart.

I thank you, God, because you never change. No matter how much people change, you stay the same. You never allow anyone to pressure you to give in to us or become like us to ease our consciences.  If you changed, there would be no such thing as truth. If you changed there would be no such thing as love.  If you changed, we could not be saved from Satan and his world. Your love is stubborn, immovable, persevering. You will stand in the universe among the worlds tall and strong, exalted and majestic. Thank you for never changing. I worship you.


03-Abraham-ThumbnailCoverABRAHAM is storybook #3 in the series A CHILD’S BIBLE HEROES.  God promised Abraham he would have more descendants than the stars. He had to wait 25 years for the promise to begin, but he kept believing.  THINK & DO at the end of each chapter.  Can be understood by children 3 and up to 12.  Long words divided for the early reader.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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