You are my soul

Love Letters of Jesus & his Bride, Eccelsia-THUMBNAILI walk in your footsteps, my Lord, grateful to be as close as that to you. When I see you go in another direction, I try to stay with you but sometimes do not notice.  When I get lost, you turn back, look for me, and bring me back to yourself. I walk in the shadow of your wings and you lift me up and let me soar with you.  Oh, glorious moments when my soul flies with yours. Someday…yes, someday…you will fling open the gates of heaven and we will be together forever. Great God, you are my soul.

The cross.  Oh, the cross you suffered on and died on. The cross made of wood. From it your soul cried out to the world, “Come to me. I look weak, but I am attacking Satan for you and will win.”  And so, I crawl to your cross, dare to look up, then touch your bloody feet. The feet that once walked the earth, the feet that once walked on water, the feet that would rise up and walk out of a death cave. How can I thank you? It is so far above my ability. I will spend eternity ever looking for new ways to exalt you.


Love Letters of Jesus & his Bride, Eccelsia-THUMBNAILLOVE LETTERS OF JESUS & HIS BRIDE, ECCLESIA.  This beautiful gift book has papyrus font and a bride watermark on each page.  Each chapter is paraphrased and becomes a love letter; chapter numbers in the book coincide with chapter numbers in the Bible.  Hundreds of footnotes explain the parallel of the bride and church.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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