Painting rainbows

0-HS-592 VersesExamined-COVER-ThumbnailMy heart rushes to your heart, Oh God. I cannot bear the thought of being without you. I sigh at the thought of you. Sometimes I weep tears of loneliness. I have many friends and brothers and sisters in the family of God. But they are not the same. How I long to live in your heavenly realm and bask in your glory, the glory of my Maker. Though your light dawns on me every morning, I yearn for the true light of your presence. I worship you once again for, when you are near, it is always dawn.

Ah, my Lord. Every day that I read your Word, I think of your promises, your assurances to always love me. They are ever with me. They make me confident through the day that you will protect and guide my every step. It would be so wonderful to walk with you as Adam and Eve did in the garden. I cling to your words that it will indeed happen someday. There you will give me a crown though I do not know why.  Are there a million other worlds out there for each of us to rule under you?  You declared idleness a sin. Or will you assign artists to paint rainbows and jewelers to form emeralds and musicians to composed great and wondrous songs to your glory?  Whatever it is, I will always praise you. The gratitude in my heart bursts like a sunrise.


0-HS-592 VersesExamined-COVER-ThumbnailTHE HOLY SPIRIT: 592 VERSES EXAMINED. There are numerous books on the Holy Spirit, but they are based on only a few Bible verses. This study was not done to prove the author’s or anyone else’s pet assessment of the Holy Spirit. The study was made with the desire to forget all pre-conceived notions and opinions, and discover only God’s opinion. To  BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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