Are you smiling, God?

Applied ChristianityYou are so amazing, My Lord. They tell me your universe has two trillion galaxies in it and each galaxy has 100 thousand million stars.  And you are larger than  all of that.  You are so large, no one can really see you. Seeing you is like trying to see a 100-story building of different colors of marble, decorated with majestic columns, splendid filigree under the roof and around all the windows, and statues on each side of a grand stairway and on the roof.  Seeing you is like standing an inch from that building and seeing only a little wood or brick and that’s all.  I have such a limited view of the building, I cannot begin to understand its grandeur. In the same way, when I try to see you as you are, my human view is so limited, I cannot begin to understand all that you are. You are impossible to see. How I long for the day when my faith in you will become sight.

Lord, thank you for the things I take for granted ~ dishes to eat off of, paved streets, electricity, flowers, butterflies, puppies, stars, friends, buses, food, cotton, trees, water. Also for all those prophets through the ages who wrote down your divine words and all those who translated them into the languages of the world. So much to thank you for. Are you smiling, God? Me too.  I’m smiling too.


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