Most pandemics last one year – fixed

Churches overcome social distancing to continue outreach | United ...

Below is a chart I made up from Wikipedia of a portion of the plagues, pandemics and epidemics that have hit since the third century.  About half lasted a year.


A few days ago I sent out a list of when quarantine started and which were used in which outbreaks.  So, we see quarantining has always been a practice.

You will notice above that about half of the epidemics/pandemics lasted a year.  Of the many I went through on Wikipedia, over all half lasted one year.

Does this mean perhaps some organizations and churches might think about year-long alternative arrangements to meeting inside their building.  Drive-in theater method? Pews with spacers? Zoom? What? Does anything substitute for seeing each other in person, even at a distance?

Share your experiences and ideas.

Local News: Local churches adjust to social distancing (3/26/20 ...

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3 thoughts on “Most pandemics last one year – fixed

  1. cdmince

    The difference is you quarantine the sick not the healthy.  You can’t keep people from working and supporting their families.


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