Your glimmering smile

00-Cover-ThumbnailMighty God, I am so small and puny. You are so large and great. Yet, you love me. I am so sinful, you are so perfect. Still you love me. I am so self-serving, you are so others-serving. I continue to be undeserving. You continue to love anyway. In my self-will and thinking that I know more than you, I continue to run from your goodness. You continue to run after me, calling out, “Return to me. You’ll be safe with me..”  Such love overwhelms me. I fall at your feet and feel your warmth and smile as you lean low and kiss my cheek.

Father, I do not know how to search my heart nor to let go of my sins.  I have such a hard time even identifying my sins.  I don’t think I’m so bad, but know deep down I have exchanged “not so bad” for “sin”. I listen to Satan’s whisperings and he makes everything so right ~ things that are really so wrong.  Give me your eyes so I may truly see. 

Ah, my Lord, I look out my window at the sky turning from morning gray to violet and to orange before bursting forth upon this earth and greeting us with your glimmering smile. Your smile is so bright, my eyes cannot stand to look directly at it.  But I know that eternal smile of yours is there.  For, whenever you smile, my day grows warm.  I look further out my window now and see the flowers so bright and proud perking up after their own night of rest. Red, yellow, blue, white, green. Spring.  With your smile, it is always spring. Oh, listen. The birds are awakening and are joining you in song.  How delightful it must have been for you to create this world you put me in.  Everything perfect for your children. Thank you for your smile.


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