You bared your soul to me.

0-Michel-COVER-Kindle-ThumbnailI adore you, Lord God. You are majestic and your glorious splendor soars through the universe to my heart. In your hand are all my daily blessings. You sprinkle them around the earth and make me glad. The stars sing of your glory, the mountains quake at your power, the meadows whisper your kindness, the fish in ocean depths slip silently around their world revealing your mercy. I worship you.

Father, if I worship anything besides you, make me see it so I can get it under control. Do I worship power or fame, riches or things?  Do I worship my television, my telephone, internet games? Make me see if I do, so I may repent and rid my life of them.

Thank you for your Word which I love. You poured out your heart to me. I know the pain and laughter, the disappointments and triumphs you have gone through since making mankind. You bare your soul to me in your Word.  You, the God of the universe and Maker of my soul, revealed all of yourself in your Bible. I read it in wonder and awe. I absorb it and it fills my heart and my being. Thank you for showing yourself to me one way in your Bible and in another way by materializing in the form of Jesus.


I write to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


0-Michel-COVER-Kindle-ThumbnailMICHEL: THE FOURTH WISE MAN.  He is a Jewish descendant of Daniel in Persia. He locates the original Garden of Eden and wants to restore it so God will walk the earth with man again.  He loses his estate, his, father and his wife to his dream.  He is interrupted by a star.  To appease King Phrates who believes a new start means a god has been born, Michel and nine other magi search the world for the meaning of the star.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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