Then God Smiles.

00-LUKE-KINDLE Cover-ThumbnailI adore you, God. I praise you. I lift up my heart to you and my heart feels as though it will burst with joy. You are the water I drink for life and which turns my life into a glorious adventure.  You are the words I read to discover your love and my mind leaps from one marvelous revelation of you to another.  You are the light I follow to keep me on the path that rises before me and leads to the heights of your world. I will follow your path forever. I will keep on walking and keep on walking and keep on walking until at last, I walk right through the gates of glory into your home.

I thank you, God, for the good life you have given me. I haven’t been perfect, of course, because Satan is always right around the corner trying to distract me from you. How he hates love. Sometimes I give in to him, ashamed even as I do it. When things get too rough, you step in and carry me until I regain my strength. Then I rise like a bird soaring to its nest on a high mountain. And you smile.


I pen my thoughts to reach out to souls. Will you help me tells others about this book?


00-LUKE-KINDLE Cover-ThumbnailLUKE: SLAVE & PHYSICIAN reveals the Roman world where physicians were always family slaves.  Perhaps he was 8 years old when his people lost the Battle of Baduhenna Wood and he became a spoil of war and taken by Tribune Theophilus.  Unable to believe his father had been killed, he spends the next 40 years searching for him.  Along the way, Theophilus trains him to be a physician, they meet Paul, and Luke spends Paul’s final ten years tending to a stubborn man whose body bears the ravages of a greater war.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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