Ever wonder what happens to the angry people?

5 Science-Based Ways to Break the Cycle of Rage Attacks ...

Here we are mostly isolated from each other.  No one to laugh with, cry with, wonder with.  We adjust.  But what about the angry people?

You know the type.  The people who are mad all the time. The kind that walks up to you and says, “And besides…”  The kind that rants and raves, pounds on things, throws things ~ all to get everyone’s attention and prove how angry they have a right to be.

If they can no longer go to work or to the store or to relatives’ homes or to ball games, who do they get angry with?  If they are completely isolated and still have that drive to be mad at everyone, who do they get mad at?

Who do they lash out at, especially if they have to have living bodies to express themselves to?  It’s no fun throwing temper tantrums at televisions or computers. It’s no fun pounding on a tree that fell in your yard and the neighborhood doves that keep you awake all night with all their crazy cooing.  They don’t know they’re being “angered at”.

I wonder.  If a habitually angry person is forced to live in peace, after the initial shock, do they settle in and begin to like peace?  I wonder….




Tell me what you think, friend.

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