Now offering autographed books, etc.

Header-autographed books

I am now offering autographed books.  In the cover image above, you will see a round thing. Up close it is a blood diamond.  On my individual book pages, there are links to purchase the book.   Since it is me, I am offering several ways to pay me; there are some people who just do not want to put their credit card information on the internet.


When you see the blood diamond, click that, fill out the form, and follow the instructions to get it to me.

Further, I am adding a link to Walmart which also sells my books.  Sometimes their prices are better than mine.

Finally, I have an international link for Amazon’s Kindle.  Just click the icon and you will see flags around the world. Click your flag and you’re home.

I haven’t quite finished, but am halfway through with the new links and hope to be done late this weekend.

Strip-Restoration Series

Last, I have started a Church Restoration Reprint Library.  So far I have….

(1) Alexander Campbell’s Millennial Harbinger (1830-1839),

(2) Presbyerian scholar L. D. Girardeau’s objections to Instrumental Music in the Public Worship written in 1877,

(3) The dippers dipt, or, The Anabaptists duck’d and plung’d over head and ears, written by the chaplain of King Charles, leader of the Church of England, taunting and threatening the Ana-baptists (re-baptizers of infants when they become adults) and CoC writings in response in mid-1600s London ~ still working on it,

(4) and a couple other reprints I haven’t started yet. In all cases, I am reading off the original.  I have found scanning is accurate but hard to read.  Especially old 17th century writing when English letters were formed differently, I have had to transcribe to make readable to our 21st century eyes.

(5) James W. Dale’s Classic Baptism: An Inquiry Into the Meaning of the Word Baptizo as Determined by the Usage of Classical Greek Writers, written in 1867.

I have others I would like to reproduce ~ general histories of the Restoration Movement written in the 1600s, 1700s, and 1800s with interesting events recalled, but my eyes are getting tired of reading all their fine print (to save paper and ink).  I may end up with just five reprinted books.

Onward and upward, everyone!


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