Beyond me.

365 Dat by Date-Front-ThumbnailAh, God of life, God of the seeable and of the hearable. I magnify your very name and look up to you beyond the stars. You made me so you could love me. You are my life and love. You take pleasure in me even though I am weak and sinful. Your mercy and love are beyond me. You envelop me in your arms of safety and comfort. You cover me with your wings of shelter during the storms of my life. You are my all.

There is so much to be grateful to you for. Thank you for making it possible for me to speak directly to you. Still, my restless nature fights it. My mind wants to be in control of everything I do and say. My body is restless and wants to keep moving around. You draw my mind into prayer with you and, when I do not fight it, I find you. Then, empty of my will, I whisper to you, I shout to you, I sigh to you. Make your will mine, I declare. And so you do. While hungering for you, you fill me with thoughts of activities to redirect my body so it, once again, is a reflection of you and your doings. Thank you, Lord, for being in me.


I pen my thoughts to reach out to souls. Will you help me tells others about this book?


365 Dat by Date-Front-Thumbnail365 LIFE-CHANGING SCRIPTURES DAY BY DATE.  This unique daily devotional reading has no order except the calendar.  Since March is the third month, on 3/16, guess which Bible verse does it speak of?  Yes. John 3:16.  Look up your birthday or give it as a gift for a birthday or anniversary with a bookmark for their special date.  While everyone is quarantined, why take the challenge and read one month every day?  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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