You are my soul.

06-PROMISE KEEPER-ChildsCartoonThumbnailA child’s cooing praises you. A lion’s roaring praises you. An ocean rising and falling praises you. Rainbows and snow tops and diamonds in sparkling waters praise you. Everything I see, every sound I hear, everything I touch is full of praises for you. You are everywhere and you, my God, are my soul.  You are farther above me in love than the most distant star. Your mercy plunges into the depths of the ocean where sometimes my spirit struggles to breathe. You go where ever you are needed to take care of your bride.  Me your bride? I am overwhelmed.

Ah, my Lord, how I long to see you as you are. Life here is too long. I know I must do my share in conquering Satan and making him ever weaker. But, when my work is done, I get to be in your realm and exchange smiles with you. What a day it will be. A glorious day when I, your bride, will be united with you forever.  Thank you for your promises.  They are faithful. They are true. They are amazing.


I pen my thoughts to reach out to souls. Will you help me tells others about this book?


06-PROMISE KEEPER-ChildsCartoonThumbnailPROMISE KEEPER is storybook #6 in A CHILD’S LIFE OF CHRIST for ages 3-12.  At the end of every chapter is “Think & Do” for your child to apply something from that chapter in their life, usually a good work such as taking a cookie to a neighbor and calling a shut-in to sing to them or calling an unpopular child at school to say hi.  Perfect for the early reader with large font and dashes between syllables of big words. To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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