You poured out your heart to me

The highest praise belongs to you alone, Jehovah of the universe, both that which is seen and unseen.  I praise you, God of the glorious name, God the I AM. You are not just self-existent. You are Love.  You know me by my name. You run after me when I run away from you and call my name. You love me so. If you did not love, you could not exist. If you were not life, you could not exist. How I worship you. 

I am just a weak sinner. I find it hard to forgive sometimes and have to remind myself that you forgive me only as I do others.  Satan wants me to become an accuser like him. Satan, get away from me!

I whisper thank you in my heart for your Word ~ your heart poured out. My puny thanks swells, rushes to you, and bursts forth in your throne room.  Thank you, Jesus, for being my perfect sacrifice. You had to materialize so you could be my substitute. You went through what you did not have to do, even while I was offending you with my sins. Thank you for giving life, and re-giving life over and over. You cannot stop because you are God. Thank you for being stronger than Satan and keeping him at enough distance that I can recognize all the good that you are. Oh, how I long to be with you as your bride forever.


I pen my thoughts to reach out to souls. Will you help me tells others about this book?’


CHRISTIANITY OR ISLAM: THE CONTRAST can be given to any Muslim without offending them.  So far, I have taught 7000 Muslims and early on realized they have not truly read their Quran any more than the average American has read the Bible. They do not know the violent parts are in there.  This book QUOTES the Quran and Bible on the same subjects to show the contrast. The middle of the book explains falsehoods they have been taught about Christians (such as worshipping 3 gods), and ends with testimonies of 100 of my students who have decided Jesus really was the Son of God.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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