Prayer for Tuesday 3/31

06-PROMISE KEEPER-ChildsCartoonThumbnailAlways I praise you, Lord God. You are in all I see and hear and touch in nature. But you are more. You are Truth and Life and Love and Justice and Mercy. You touch my life with tenderness. You forgive so easily and hastily. How you love me and love to watch me. You spared nothing to bring me close to you in ways I do not begin to comprehend. Your mind and your ways are so far above mine.  I cannot laud you enough.

Lord, yesterday I let someone believe a lie. They believed I had done some good thing but I had not. Further, I did not set them straight. By my silence, I let them go on believing it. Make me go to that person and tell them the truth. If I am embarrassed, so be it. I should not have perpetuated a lie by my silence.

Ah, Jehovah God of the universe, thank you for loving me and caring about me. If I go to a wilderness of apathy, you guide me out. If I climb mountains of egotism, you bring me down. If I dive into the deepest ocean of self-pity, you bring me up. You watch me every moment, not just to protect me from others, but protect me from myself. You never tire of me. I never tire of you. You are my joy, my king, my hero, the lover of my soul.


I pen my thoughts to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


06-PROMISE KEEPER-ChildsCartoonThumbnailPROMISE KEEPER is storybook #6 in A CHILD’S LIFE OF CHRIST.  It has the same chapters as the adult PROMISE KEEPER in THEY MET JESUS series with stories on a child’s level.  At the end of each of the ten chapters in each storybook is Think & Do to help the child apply that story to their daily life.  This is a great time to read with your child.  Understandable at age 3 and up to 12. At age 13, they should switch to the adult version.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this………


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