Prayer for Saturday 3/21

00-Hero Alone-COVER-KINDLE-ThumbnailGod of heaven and earth, you are far above anything and anyone else.  You are our Creator.  You are perfection. I am so far below you in all things. But you are the lover of my soul, my protector, my comforter, my betrothed. Thank you. You deserve all earth’s praise and honor and glory.  All heaven praises you and my soul, enveloped in the ethereal, adores you.

Lord, I have been neglecting the lost. Why do I do that? Help me be alone with them and ask them about their relationship with God. Instead, I surround myself by my Christian friends. I need them, but the lost need me more. Forgive me when I become too comfortable. Oh, Lord, give me souls or else I die.

Thank you, God of my heart and soul, for loving me so. You stopped at nothing to save me from hell, despite my rebellious ego that does sinful things you say will hurt me.  You are so good, and though I offend you every day, you keep coming back and loving me all the more. No human is able to forgive as often as you do ~ hundreds of times just in one year and sometimes in one month. How can I truly thank you? I fall at your feet unworthy and worship you.


I pen my thoughts to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


00-Hero Alone-COVER-KINDLE-ThumbnailYOU CAN  BE A HERO ALONE: SURVIVAL STORIES FOR THE COURAGEOUS ISOLATED CHRISTIAN is a must-read for Christians around the world where churches have been shut down.  For perhaps the first time, you are feeling isolated from your Christian friends and mutual encouragement. For perhaps the first time you are beginning to feel what isolated Christians have felt for years who have no other Christians to worship with.  Read this book and answer for yourself thought questions at the end of each story.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this………. …..Marked down to .99c & 5.95


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