Prayer for Monday 3/16

0-BK 5-FloodGates-Cover-Thumbnail-NewI praise you, my God, for being Mind and Actions and Words. You are Spirit and I was made in your image. So I, too have a mind, actions, and words. I spend my life trying to imitate your actions while you were on earth as Jesus. My words try to repeat your words as you had them written in your Bible. As Solomon said, there is an empty place in the hearts of man longing for you in eternity. And I do. I do long to be with you in heaven. You are my creator, my rescuer, and my healer. You are all I need.

Lord, help me let go when people criticize me to be kind to them. Satan wants me to complain and argue and fall in line with the masses. Sometimes I do complain. Help me not do that. If it were you, Jesus, you would not have. Help me be more like you.

Thank you for loving me. And for saving my soul. And for all you did to bring it about ~ all the details of your Plan carried out through the centuries. Thank you for heaven and that it is reserved for me as long as I believe and trust in you.  I am trying, not only to believe and trust, but to make it stronger.  And thank you for my family and the church. And for the blossoms peeking up from under the snow.


I pen my thoughts to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?     


0-BK 5-FloodGates-Cover-Thumbnail-NewFLOOD GATES is lyrical historical novel #5 in the THEY MET JESUS series.  At the end of each chapter is a list of scriptures the story was based on, historical sources such as Josephus, and life-application questions.  It is a commentary in narrative form.  Great for personal reading, reader clubs, and older homeschoolers.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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