Prayer for Thursday 3/12

0000-BK 1-StarSong-Cover-new-ThumbnailAll my praises to you, God of Glory. You advocate everything good. You rage against everything bad. You are the Mighty God who will not tolerate evil and all that is Satan. Yet you force no one to choose you.  You hold back with unfathomable patience, not willing to force on us what is good for us. What restraint. That form of love struggles with my comprehension.  Sometimes I want to shake people and say, “Stop! There is danger ahead. Stop! You’re headed for hell!  Stop! Don’t you hear Satan laughing at you? Look up! Don’t you see?  God is calling you to his safety! Look up!” Oh, for everyone to see you as you are.

Ah, Lord. Sometimes I am too stubborn. Yes, if people agree with what I am standing for, they call me loyal. But if they do not, they call me obstinate.  Help me know the difference. Help me see the fine line between the two. And when I’m being stubborn about the wrong thing, help me know to let go.

Thank you, Jesus, Words of the Father Mind, for emptying yourself and coming into our world. I do not know why you put us in a material world when you are spiritual. What I do know is that this is Satan’s realm. I trust your wisdom and declare to you I will fight Satan in his territory. In my weakness, I thank you for the chance to be stalwart and stand up for you until Satan is conquered. Thank you for making me one of your warriors of fire-ignited faith. Thank you for your faith in me to stand and be strong. You are my strength.


I pen my thoughts to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


0000-BK 1-StarSong-Cover-new-ThumbnailSTAR SONG is book #1 in the THEY MET JESUS series about 100 people Jesus met and struggled with.  At the end of each chapter is a list of scriptures the story was based on, historical sources such as Josephus, and life-application questions.  It is a commentary in narrative form.  Great for personal reading, reader clubs, and older homeschoolers.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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