Prayer for Wednesday

Silver Cover-KINDLE-thumbnailI praise you, Jehovah God, for placing me here so I can be a spiritual warrior with you as you fight Satan. Make me strong so, no matter what Satan does to me, I can make him get tired of trying and he backs down. You make me strong. May I never forget that. You are all power, all might, all potency. You invade the world of Satan and his angels and challenge everything they do. When Satan kills, you bring back to life. When Satan hates, you love. When Satan makes people run from you, you go after them and bring them back. There is nothing Satan does that you cannot undo. He is the destroyer and accuser. You are the Creator and forgiver. He is the hater of our souls, you are the lover. Great and magnificent is your very name. I cannot help but worship you.

Lord, sometimes I become too self-absorbed. Sometimes I go an entire day just thinking about myself ~ my wants, my needs, my desires, my dreams. Forgive my selfish thoughts. Stop me and make me reach out to others who wonder if anyone cares what happens to them. Help me be more like you.

Thank you for your Bible. It overflows with examples in the Old Testament and poignant teachings in the New Testament. It has everything I need. And, oh Jesus, you became one of us. You emptied yourself of your glory in order to become the ransoming sacrifice Satan wanted. But, how you fooled him. You died like he wanted, you paid the ransom like he wanted, then you tricked him and came back to life. You came back!  And alive! You were the first one and cleared the path for the rest of us ~ the weak ones ~ to come back to life after we die! What a God!


I pen my thoughts to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


Silver Cover-KINDLE-thumbnail365 SILVER-WINGED PRAYERS YOUR SPIRIT TO GOD’S is the third in the meditation series TOUCHING GOD.  As a set, you read and contemplate a scripture, your read a proverb and lyric of wisdom, and you bring your praises, shortcoming, and thanksgivings to the throne of God.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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